How Do You Like EGO Bus Seat Coverings?

e-busses will determine the seat adjustments of the capital city
e-busses will determine the seat adjustments of the capital city

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its participatory management approach. EGO General Directorate will renew the seat covers of EGO buses so that citizens can travel in a more robust, comfortable and ergonomic way. The Metropolitan Municipality is asking the citizens of the Capital by conducting a questionnaire about the choice of fabric design of the seats.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow participants with examples of all of Turkey and transparent municipal applications continues to increase with each passing day.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches importance to the preference of the Capital City for new practices with the common mind principle, frequently organizes surveys and asks the opinions of the citizens. EGO General Directorate, taking action to renew the seat covers that have worn out in solo buses or that have completed its economic life, takes the opinion of the capital city for fabric design with the survey it organized.


It is planned to replace 610 thousand 2009 seat covers of 2010 pieces of 2011, 18 and 910 solo buses belonging to Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate within 3 months due to excessive wear and tear.

Acting with the principle of participation and democratic understanding in the city administration, the Metropolitan Municipality organized a questionnaire asking the citizens what design they want the seat upholstery in EGO buses.


EGO General Directorate, “How do you think the seat upholstery is in EGO buses? ” In the questionnaire that he asked the question, he also shared the optional fabric designs.

Başkent residents who want to participate in the survey organized to determine the new design of seat upholstery in solo buses; Başkent Mobile application will be able to vote on the seat cover design they like on the official websites of EGO General Directorate and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

To participate in the survey CLICK HERE

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