Irgandı Bridge History? Where is Irgandı Bridge? Irgandı Bridge Length

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Irgandı Bridge is a bridge in Bursa, where craftsmen perform traditional handicrafts. It was built in 1442 by Hacı Muslihiddin, the son of Ali from Irgandi. It was damaged in the Great Bursa Earthquake in 1854. It was bombed by the Greek army in the Turkish War of Independence. Irgandı Bridge was renewed and opened for use by Osmangazi Municipality in 2004.

Irganda Bridge, connecting Bursa's Osmangazi and Yıldırım districts, is one of the most important structures on Gökdere. Some historical sources state that the Irgandı Bridge was built in 1442 by the son of Ali of Irganda, Türccar Muslihiddin.

In the years it was built, there were 31 shops, 1 masjid and a warehouse on both sides of the bridge. The Irgandı Bridge was heavily damaged during the great Bursa Earthquake that occurred in 1854, but it was rebuilt and built with large and small wooden shops. Indeed, the Greeks who left the region bombed Irgandı this time. The bridge, which was destroyed again, took its current form after undergoing various restoration works until 2004.

Today, there are various handicraft workshops and shops on the Irgandı Bridge. Another feature that makes Irgandı Bridge important is that it is one of the four interconnected bridges in the world. The other three are; Osma Bridge in Lofça, Bulgaria, Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Florence, Italy and Railto Bridge in Venice.


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