Turkish Software Company in Automotive Will Rent a Car to the Whole World

Turkish software company in automotive will rent a car to the whole world
Turkish software company in automotive will rent a car to the whole world

Elitcar, car rental platform “Vivi.com.t is"I bought Next, the whole world began to hire vehicles from Turkey

In addition to providing car rental services for 20 years with thousands of vehicles, Elitcar has purchased the “vivi.com.tr” car rental platform, which can serve all over the world. Making a statement regarding the acquisition, Elitcar Turizm A.Ş. General Manager Selcuk Nazik, vivi.com.t iswas developed by Turkish software developers in 2010, long-standing negotiations were concluded and vivi.com.t is in line with their marketing investments vivi.com.t isHe stated that will enter into the breakthrough. Noting that the business world is now entering a new era and the importance of digitalization will become more and more important, Nazik said “Vivi.com.t isHe emphasized that a rational experience in car rental has begun. Being a technology company in the midst of an unprecedented crisis in the modern age vivi.com.t is"We will be the drug of Covid-19 in Car Rental" he bought.

The car rental sector creates a value of nearly 50 billion TL.

current assets of the car rental sector in Turkey has reached 30 billion TL. As of the first quarter of 2020, car rental companies purchased new vehicles of 1.3 billion TL. Although the vehicle park has shrunk by 5% in comparison to the same period of the previous year, when it is evaluated in terms of turnover-based investments, it has increased from 800 million TL to 1,3 billion TL. These investments include manufacturers, sellers, suppliers, spare parts etc. in the automotive industry. When we consider the multiplier effect, it is seen that it adds nearly 50 billion TL to both employment and automotive industry.

After the pandemic, the new normally, circulation will predominantly be provided by the car and this will bring 15% additional customers who did not rent a car before, but despite all this additional contribution, the car rental industry will close 2020 with a 30% turnover loss with the most optimistic forecast. He stated. New customers who will experience the car rental experience for the first time will contribute positively to the balance sheets of companies with strong technological infrastructure and efficiently managed.

"Vivi.com.tr" is a user-friendly car rental platform where customers who will experience the car rental experience for the first time can see, compare, decide, and rent car rental prices on a single platform instead of visiting all the sites one by one. On the other hand, in line with the “vivi.com.tr” approach of fair approach, supplier car rental companies will not experience any collection risk or payment waiting problems by receiving direct payments. Therefore, “vivi.com.tr” will be a part of the new normal life, with a fair operation that can meet all the requirements of the new normal business world of both customers and suppliers.

Vivi.com.tr will be an online platform where 25.000 vehicles are rented annually…

With its 10-year history, 125.000 customers registered on vivi.com.tr platform experienced rational car rental experience. With this acquisition, Nazik emphasized that their goal is to increase their customer portfolio to 2021 by the end of 250.000 and to become a platform that has been rented by nearly 100 suppliers and 25.000 vehicles.

Underlining that only growing numerically would not be enough for them as Elitcar, Nazik said; Our suppliers can easily become a member of “vivi.com.tr” platform, but our most important expectation from supplier car rental companies is that they offer the best service to customers who prefer “vivi.com.tr” platform. Customer satisfaction is essential to us in terms of hygiene and other requirements of vehicle maintenance. ” For this, he stated that customers can evaluate the service they receive on vivi.com.tr and apply bonus systems to suppliers with high customer satisfaction score. The company is the DNA of "innovation, software and technology," Gentle stating that place, they will continue to invest in innovative projects in the field of technology and Turkey has stated that it is full of the stronger out of that belief from this pandemic crisis.

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