Istanbul Airport Museum Opened to Visit

Istanbul airport museum opened to visit
Istanbul airport museum opened to visit

Turkey's Istanbul Airport also contemplated as being beyond the airport as a gateway to the world of culture and art venue, opened civilization explaining to visit Istanbul Airport Museum where the works take place in Anatolia.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, HDI Airport Operator of the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Kadri Samsunlu with a museum in a ceremony with the participation of other related "Turkey's Treasures; The exhibition titled “Faces of the Throne” also met with its visitors.

Speaking at the opening, Minister Ersoy said that they have started to implement new strategies to increase tourism revenues, and the most important of these is the changes they have made in their promotional strategies.

Stating that they implemented the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency last year at the first stage, Minister Ersoy said, “A more professional system in which the tourism sector is also involved in the management, a system that has been used in the world for 100 years, brings Turkish tourism life to life. kazanwe are up. While diversifying our promotional strategies, we especially put new strategies into practice. One of these strategies is the Istanbul Airport Museum, which we opened together today.” said.

Expressing that they aim to make the museum a new attraction for the passengers with the airport, Minister Ersoy continued as follows:

"In Turkey, we bring together a museum of artifacts telling all civilizations in Anatolia, bringing to life. 3. One of the guests of foreigners coming to Turkey is input from Istanbul Airport and the guests had found 15 million last year. We managed to bring to Turkey, but had more than 15 million visitors a transiting to another country without going to Istanbul. Now we come to Turkey, after landing in Istanbul suborn the guests will go to another country, such a project to create awareness of Anatolia, bringing to life. "

Minister Ersoy stated that there are permanent guests who come to destinations such as Istanbul every year or sometimes twice a year, adding that they will change the concept of the museum with different cultural riches every year in the name of these masses.

"Turkey's Treasures; Faces of the Throne ”

Istanbul will be the first visit at the Airport Museum exhibition "Treasures of Turkey; In the collection of "The Faces of the Throne", many interesting works, such as the "Peace Treaty", the first known peace treaty in human history, and the "Talisman Shirts-Caftans" of the Ottoman sultans, are presented to the visitors.

There are also sections for children in the museum, where the works presented by Anatolian civilizations as a heritage to the world cultural history. The museum has interactive games and applications that will allow children to discover valuable pieces of Turkish culture.

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