Paragliding Flights Restarted in Boztepe

Boztepede Paragliding flights started again
Boztepede Paragliding flights started again

Paragliding flights, which are the favorite of adrenaline enthusiasts, were restarted in Boztepe, the most important tourism attraction center of Ordu.

Paragliding flights in Boztepe, with an altitude of 530 meters, which was the viewing terrace of the city, were suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak, which is effective worldwide. The first trial flight of the track, which was reopened to the flights after the security measures taken, was made by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Bülent Şişman and Counselor Asım Suyabatmaz.


Noting that their aim is to contribute to the tourism and promotion of Ordu, Deputy Secretary General Bülent Şişman said, “Paragliding flights in Boztepe, one of the most important tourism spots of Ordu, started again after the measures taken against Covid-19 Virus. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will work to make this sport more wider in our city. As the first job, we initiated a renovation work on the track area, which was deformed and did not suit our city. From the beginning, we will make the track area, which is 250 square meters in total, more modern. Apart from this, we will make a green rubber coating on the floor that is compatible with natural texture. With this work, which we aim to complete within 10 days, we will provide our local and foreign tourists with a better service and provide an area worthy of our province. ”


Employee Advisor Asım Suyabatmaz emphasized that the works continue in every field in order to get more shares from the tourism cake of our city as a municipality. In this context, our Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Under the leadership of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, we carry out our activities in every field in order to increase the tourism of our city. We have seen an example of this here. With the metropolitan touch, paragliding will now come to a different point in our city. ”

On the other hand, it is aimed to increase the tourist visit to Boztepe, one of the important tourism spots of Ordu, with the runway and landscaping works.



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