Somalia is the First Address of the National Breathing Apparatus Abroad

the first address of the national respirator abroad was somalia
the first address of the national respirator abroad was somalia

Under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health, it was started to be sent to the countries, which were developed by Baykar, Biosys, Arçelik and Aselsan, and who received full marks from physicians after successful tests.

Somalia was the first address of the breathing apparatus developed with national facilities abroad. Turkey koronavirüsl a new type (Covidien-19) sent medical supplies to Somalia where the several locals, including intensive care breathing apparatus to fight. The materials prepared upon the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reached Somalia. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey regarding aid sent to Somalia, "breathing devices we have developed with the National Technological Breakthrough will breathe our Somali brothers and sisters." found in the description. Expressing that hard times teach our nation to trust, Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry and Technology, said, “We witness the successes of the National Technology Movement we initiated under the leadership of our President. Turkey will breathe our Somali brothers and sisters, "he said.


Turkey, a new type of coronavirus (Covidien-19) has sent medical supplies to Somalia, where the breathing apparatus to fight the epidemic among indigenous intensive care. Thus, the first foreign country where the domestic intensive care respirator, which started mass production in 14 days under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, was sent, was Somalia, where it was learned that there were no respirators.


Upon the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the materials prepared by the Ministry of National Defense, Health, Industry and Technology were loaded on the A 400M type aircraft at the Etimesgut Military Airport.


On the plane, there were 5 preventive health equipment such as diagnostic kit, overalls and mask from the local intensive care respirator, which was produced in the first stage, 10 thousand. Presidential pennant on Turkey and the Turkish side of Somalia and Somali flag as well as Mevlana, "There is hope beyond the despair nice. There are many suns behind the darkness. ” The plane took off after the aid materials were quoted.


President Erdoğan, in his post on his Twitter account, said: “The breathing devices we have developed with the National Technology Move will breathe our brothers in Somalia. Civilization is not a question, it is a matter of conscience. The possibilities and conscience of our nation are with the oppressed and needy. Aziz Millim, there is a plane tree called compassion in your heart. ” used expressions.


Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank shared on his Twitter account, “Hard times taught our nation to be confident and inspired him. We witness the achievements of the National Technology Move, which we started under the leadership of our President. Turkey will breathe our Somali brothers and sisters. " said.


Baykar Technical Defense Manager, Selcuk Bayraktar, from his social media account, said, “We are sending our domestic breathing equipment developed by Turkish engineers to Somalia, a sister country with no devices. The National Technology Move is not only of these lands. "The hope of the needy of the oppressed all over the world."


Under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, under the direction of President Erdoğan, Turkish engineers working under Biosys, Baykar, Arçelik and Aselsan, who worked in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, acted with sacrifice by acting with the awareness of the National Struggle process. As long as the team came together for the production of the device "for making money" looking, the diffucult on be imported from abroad, even at twice the price to be taken into assayed unsent goods to Turkey had vernacularization in a short period of 2-3 days.


In an interview last month, Minister Varank explained the manufacturing process of the device as follows:

"The virus before coming to Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's instructions, tried acting together with the Ministry of Health. I read the reports of our engineers' technical work every day. Turkish engineers acted in the project with the consciousness of the National Struggle process. Each of them worked devotedly by adding their nights to the day. I have followed up that the products that are difficult to import from abroad, or even tried to be purchased at twice the price, are not localized in a short time like 2-3 days. This is something that can be sacrificed.


Our Ministry had an entrepreneurship company that came up with a wide range of supports, called Biosys. We have determined that this company produces intensive care respiratory equipment. The pilot level that all 12 units produced in Turkey and have set is being used in some hospitals. We made a planning with our friends and said, 'We can manufacture these devices in our country.' So we set off.


Here, especially Selçuk Bayraktar from Baykar had great support. We embraced this job and we did engineering work for mass production of the device. In the meantime, we contacted Arçelik, one of the well-established industrial organizations of our country. They also agreed to be in this work. For fast and mass production of this, a scratch line was established and devices were started to be produced on this line.

He gave his signals

We also produced these devices for humanity. If our President sees fit, this device can also be exported. Because we believe that we produce a world-class tool.



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