Today in History: February 25, 1889 in the Ottoman-Hirsch conflict

rumeli railways
rumeli railways

Today in History
In the Ottoman-Hirsch conflict, on February 25, 1889, the 5th referee was required due to the contract. German jurist Gneist decided to pay Hirsch 27 million 500 thousand francs to the Ottoman State. After this decision, Hirsch decided to withdraw from Rumeli railways. Transferred its shares to Deutch Bank and Vienna Bank-Verein Vienna Banks Group). Construction was unfinished and the lines passed under the control of the Germans.
25 February 1892 Mehmet Şakir Pasha presented his thoughts on the proposal of İzzet Efendi to the Sultan in a report. Şakir Pasha argued that the railway between Damascus and Medina should be built.
25 February The 1909 Chester Project was presented to the government.

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