Mayor İmamoğlu: 'Kanal Istanbul Desk Has Been Destroyed We Will Talk About Earthquake'

president imamoglu channel we will talk about istanbul table destroyed earthquake
president imamoglu channel we will talk about istanbul table destroyed earthquake

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, participated in the “Production Support, Planning and Marketing of Products Workshop” attended by officials from 11 metropolitan municipalities. İmamoğlu answered the questions of the journalists after his opening speech at the workshop.

İmamoğlu said, “How Canal Istanbul will affect the agricultural lands of Istanbul”, “Canal Istanbul destroys almost 10% of Istanbul's current agricultural area. Kanal Istanbul is a trauma. Kanal Istanbul is never such a strategic project. Kanal Istanbul is a real estate business. Real estate development business. Kanal Istanbul table was destroyed. I think it was destroyed. Look, we shake every day. We will talk about the earthquake. We will talk the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, we will talk about their property. We will talk about the economy of this country. Istanbul earthquake is equal, 400-500 billion dollars to this country at the moment. Why 400-500 billion dollars? Do not make such a big threat political material. I say, 'Come on, let's come'. Give instructions, let's come. Let's scrape all our egos off this table. I say, 'I am ready to be the porter of that table.' I am also ready to be the person who struggles with everything in that table. No matter who the hero will be, I don't care. This nation is enough to get rid of it. ”

The first and the second, the third of the "Production Support, Planning and Marketing of Products" workshops organized by the Izmir and Hatay Metropolitan Municipalities, respectively, were held by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). In the workshop held in Küçükçekmece; The relevant units of IMM and officials from Muğla, Mersin, Eskişehir, Antalya, Ankara, Çanakkale, Adana, Aydın, Hatay, İzmir and Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipalities participated. Küçükçekmece Mayor Kemal Çebi also attended the workshop and gave support. Speaking at the workshop, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, described the meeting with the words “This is an important journey in establishing a holistic agricultural philosophy for Turkey”.


In the opening speech of the workshop, İmamoğlu briefly said: “This is a meeting that started in coordination with our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, then continued in Hatay and we held the third one here. It's not just about agriculture, our 11 metropolitan municipalities in different subjects, Turkey absolute number of innovative ideas, projects that the requirement to produce or philosophy we mean everywhere. We're talking about 11 metropolitan municipality, almost half of Turkey. Cities with such a large population and potential can never be expected to perform routine municipal services. We know that our responsibility is great. In this sense, we talk about agriculture and technology. But it should be known that we should also talk about education. In an environment where so many people live in the city, we have to develop a philosophy about education, to come up with ideas as to which municipalities we can close, which deficiencies, and even to develop applications. issues in Turkey, is the central subject of the government saying, 2 steps to retract metropolitan municipalities we are not and can never be. Every issue should be our subject; muhatabıyız. We have to do our best. This is my look. I know that this is how our other mayors look. ”


“Istanbul had an interesting period. We had a local election experience in a row in 2019. Although we said the first one, "We lived," we lived the second together. Because, all turned into a struggle for democracy in Turkey. We all have implications from here. In an environment that is against the law, we have adopted the upright stance and the stance together. I say every party by adding; A holistic struggle for democracy has been fought and in this sense, I think that there will be no process or mistake that will tend to this again, in the history of the country. Elections are over; we made our inferences. Our responsibilities started. We've all done work and now we have a lot of work. In this sense, we have to develop all our goals, our effective and productive work, in terms of how we can make our country more enlightened. I have no doubt about it. We have very valuable staff. Our country has serious problems. We have a very valuable geography. We have an important land asset. We have to be aware of this and improve it. Unfortunately, wrong policies push us to some troubles. With these wrong policies, the country is blown in the wrong directions. Agriculture, in particular, is one of them. We have to take a very active role in these. ”


“Today, we observe that there is a great poverty in our cities, in the countryside, wherever we go. We all know that the process does not work with this poverty, these deteriorating economic indicators and some forced makeup. When you say Anatolia, Thrace, we are on the land where this neolotic revolution started. We are on the lands where the agriculture revolution and agriculture started. 10 thousand years ago, these lands saw that the seed was discovered. Farming started here. Thus, a settled life and civilization began to accumulate on these lands. These lands have the potential to send messages to the world, not only for the country, but also in agriculture-related steps. Instead of playing meaninglessly on these fertile lands, I persistently say, 'I will pass the water channel on this side, I will do this on this side ...' Instead of destroying such fertile lands, there is an obligation to take steps that can give messages to the world in the name of agriculture for the future and provide technological and agricultural development. of this land. I see myself as a mayor responsible for 10 thousand years of history. As today's representatives of the culture of 10 thousand years, every individual living and working in this land; I think we are individuals who have to do their job without betraying Anatolia and Thrace. ”


“Today, we are clearly an importer country in agriculture. We have come to a situation where the most basic products are mostly imported. This is very sad for us. In 17 years, there is 30 million acres in our cultivation areas and 700 thousand people in the farmer registration system. This is a huge number. It is also an important data on how much work we need to do to provide our citizens with enough healthy food. I see the decrease in the number of farmers, the deterioration of rural-urban balance and the unhealthy construction in our country. Unbalanced immigration makes people unhappy on one side and go to the city on the other as an asylum seeker, reaching the city in such a way, and building there and making life unqualified. There, poverty begins in the city. ”


“We are at the beginning of taking serious steps in Istanbul on establishing an agriculture and food regime. We started some of it. We also see that this will be a model of being with the poor in both the city and the countryside. We are aware that while planning consumption in this big city, we have developed a model of supporting production. rural areas and villages in Turkey, rapidly emptying. Our country is also losing food security in this sense. We will not watch this. We have started the necessary infrastructure and superstructure works in order to benefit the urban well-being of our neighborhoods, whose rural characteristics are dominant. All in Turkey, we are building a network of solidarity between urban and rural life. In this sense, we started the production of our sample villages. We will support them for free. Our primary duty will be to re-green the countryside and to revive the production there. our business alliance with our other cities, we are developing around Turkey's models also support the manufacturer. How do we deliver our healthy and clean products that we produce with our ancestor seeds to the table of our people? How can the public buy those products, making sure that? We will make the rings of the chain healthy. ”


“In this sense, our two concepts are very important. We attach great importance to both 'Public Markets' and 'People's Restaurants'. We are forming a philosophy of expanding this in 39 districts of Istanbul. We intend to provide healthy and inexpensive food access. We will realize our very innovative projects that contribute to the healthy nutrition of our students, people who try to make a living in this city with minimum wage. We are proud to share Istanbul Metropolitan agriculture and food policies with you, carefully thought out, framed with a participatory approach. I am sure that this model will work and systematically eliminate problems when all of our municipalities have implemented similar models, undoubtedly, in their originality.


Imamoğlu answered the questions of journalists about the agenda after the opening speech. The questions asked by journalists and the answers given by İmamoğlu were as follows: “We are curious about what was discussed in the meetings you had with the metropolitan mayors before. What chain will it be? Is it understood on a model? Has a clear step been taken for him? ”

It's the third leg today. İzmir is our city that started the first coordination. Hatay after Izmir. Today, we are in Istanbul. Anyway, the conclusion we want to deduct from these meetings is as follows: First; to deliver healthy food to people. Healthy food is now an issue that the city questions from the youngest child of the society to the oldest. Basically, our point of view is: Being involved in the process until the production areas. In this sense, we are conducting a study. Latter; to reduce the cost increasing factors. In this sense, for example, to develop some policies by supporting the producers in the near region of Istanbul. Many things can be listed from top to bottom. Why is this table important? For example, Mersin is a serious production city. Adana, Antalya, Hatay are the same. Both the problems of production are discussed here and consumption. In this sense; these rings will unite as a result of these meetings and we will present a model to people. Of course, there are also different private sector dynamics that determine the market. But if the municipalities move all over here and take a dynamic attitude, we anticipate that this work will provide serious improvements in food. Of course we are not a government, we are not a ministry, we do not have the authority to issue laws. We have such a limit, we have no right. With the possibilities we have, when we develop a healthy model on how to organize and shape this process like a prototype, we will say; 'Look Ankara; there is such a model. You can do this. ' Actually, we are at this stage of this business. But the real thing, Turkey's agricultural policy, supported by a Turkey in general, should have the chance sübvanseyl managed. As a matter of course, we, as metropolitan municipalities, are in an effort to achieve a result in a form that affects our health as an important issue and affects the productivity of our lands. What is the answer to the question you asked God willing, maybe after one or two meetings to present the whole of Turkey entering the spring or in the spring and we wish to proclaim.


“Istanbul is a big city with agricultural lands, but the impact of some large projects on agricultural lands has been discussed recently. Kanal Istanbul is one of them. If so, how will it affect farmland? ”

Kanal Istanbul is destroying almost 10 percent of Istanbul's current agricultural area. Urbanization effect? This is already going to an unpredictable level. Kanal Istanbul is a trauma. Kanal Istanbul is not such a strategic project or anything. Kanal Istanbul is a real estate business. Real estate development business. Well; 'We make, we sell, money kazanwe are!' Look, I'm saying it so clearly. Sir, it was the Bosphorus crossing, it was not protecting the Bosphorus… No! From the free market, to the construction companies that do this job, to other institutions, which I have been analyzing for so many years, listening to people in every aspect, from the free market to other institutions. It will seriously affect freshwater reserves. At the same time, the island it created and imprisoned 8 million people, the damage it caused to the soil, and the threats it created about the earthquake is a great trauma when you add it up. Just thinking about it makes me lose my sleep. Hopefully, we will prevent this with all our legal efforts. Of course, we will prevent it with the will of the society. I see that society rejects this and does not want it. I also know that the people who give 'consent' through political mechanisms do not give 'acceptance' conscientiously. I feel it. I mean, he says 'Yes' because his political party supports him, but I know that his conscience does not accept it. We need to talk earthquake. You are in an effort to create a new city in this city, which has nothing to do with the earthquake. There are almost 1 million 100 thousand definitions out there, I think it exceeds 2 million. We haven't been able to solve the problem of tens of thousands of risky buildings in this city yet. Let's solve this. That is the topic to be discussed at this table. Kanal Istanbul desk was demolished. I think it's destroyed. Look, we rock every day. We will talk about the earthquake. We will talk about the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, we will talk about their property. We will talk about the economy of this country. I say it again. The Istanbul earthquake is equal, at least 400-500 billion dollars for this country. Why 400-500 billion dollars? I'm not describing a day's loss here. When you add up the depression, economic losses and demoralization of this country over the years, even this figure will be less. Don't make such a big threat political material. I say, 'Come on, let's go'. I say it everywhere. I mean it that hard. Give instructions, let's go. Let's get all our egos off this table and throw it away. 'I'm ready to be the porter of that table,' I say. I am also ready to be the person who fights that table in every issue. I don't care who will be the hero. Let this nation be saved.”

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