Motobike Istanbul 2020 is again very colorful with surprises

motobike istanbul is very colorful with surprises again
motobike istanbul is very colorful with surprises again

Motobike Istanbul, the most comprehensive event of the motorcycle and bicycle industry, is getting ready to open its doors for the 20th time between February 23-2020, 12. Messe Frankfurt trade fair, which was organized by the Istanbul MOTED and MOTODER support Turkey's first 'Zero Carbon' will be fair, will be planted seedlings on behalf of all participants and visitors.

Motobike Istanbul, the most comprehensive event of the motorcycle and bicycle industry organized by Messe Frankfurt Istanbul, is getting ready for its 12th meeting with the sector. USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, Canada, France, South Korea, Netherlands, between the dates of 20-23 February 2020, with the support of Motorcycle Industry Association (MOTED) and Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (MOTODER). More than 24 companies from 250 countries including Britain, India, Taiwan, Spain and Pakistan are expected to participate. Among the companies that will participate in the fair, BMW, Brixton, Ducati, Honda, Harley Davidson, KTM, Kral, Kuba, CF Moto, Vespa, Volta, SYM, Bajaj, Peugeot, Polaris, Moto Gusto, Mondial, Husqvarna, Triumph, TVS, Yamaha, Yuki There will also be world giants like.

It is expected that more than 40 thousand local and foreign professionals will visit the fair, where 100 percent of motorcycle sales take place. According to the cars, the number of saplings will be planted by calculating flight miles and carbon footprints for every participant who comes to the fair, which is environmentally friendly with a low carbon emission of one tenth, and supports the use of motorcycles, which provides a permanent solution to the traffic problem.

The main sponsor of Motobike Istanbul, which opens its doors every year with its strong sponsors, is the giant brand in the lubricant sector. MOTUL While, BBVA Guarantee Platinum and Academy Sponsor of the fair, We're not Fuel Sponsor, Quick Insurance Insurance Sponsor, WMO Education Sponsor, Metro FM became the Radio Sponsor.

Early advantageous tickets of the fair were offered for sale on Biletix. Tickets will be 50 percent off for women and students on Thursday and Friday.

Custom motorcycle beauty contest will be held for the first time

Many firsts will be signed this year at Motobike Istanbul. 2 Motobike Istanbul helmets, which will be specially designed by Airbrush Istanbul, will be gifted by drawing on social media. Special motorcycles such as Joker concept work designed by Çağlayan Coşar for the fair and made with engraving art will be exhibited in the Custom area. One of the most interesting events of Motobike Istanbul will be the first Custom Motorcycle Beauty Contest. Details about the competition I can be reached via

During the fair BBVA Guarantee Seminars and workshops will be held under the sponsorship of Motobike Academy. In this context, motorcycle trainings, interviews with motorcycle influencers, Turkish motorcycle athletes competing in Dakar sohbetThere will be talks on s and Custom motorcycles.

40 percent of sales are made at this fair

Tayfun Relief, Managing Partner of Messe Frankfurt Istanbul“We are delighted to host Motobike Istanbul, the most important organization in the industry, which is the first motorcycle fair in the portfolio of Messe Frankfurt, the world's leading fair organizer company. In Motobike Istanbul, which we aim to take one step further each year, 2019 participants met with 255 visitors in 99,231. 40 percent of motorcycle sales are made in our fair, which lasts 4 days every year. We expect more than 100 thousand people to visit our fair, which has contributed greatly to the sector, ”he said.

Messe Frankfurt Istanbul started in 2019 'Carbonless Flight' noted that it supports sustainability with its project Help“Within the framework of this project, we have planted a significant amount of seedlings and we will continue to plant them. For events we held in Turkey will continue our Zero Carbon Fair project. Motobike Istanbul hosts exhibitors and visitors worldwide. This year, our goal is to continue planting seedlings by calculating the carbon footprint of flight miles for every person who attends and visits our fair. With this project, we will be Turkey's first Zero Carbon Trade started our project, "he said

Excise SCT

MOTED Head Bulent Kilicer stated that they expect greater interest in the fair this year. Noting that the motorcycle companies paid great attention to the fair, which contributed positively to the sales of the whole year, Kılıçer drew attention to the developments in the market and new applications. Emphasizing that MOTED takes the necessary actions for the development of the motorcycle industry in coordination with legal authorities and works to raise awareness of motorcycle use in the community. KilicerHe continued: “Since 2004, MOTED has undertaken many studies that will emphasize the safe use of motorcycle. With the Fund implementation that continued in 2006 and 2015 and subsequent additional taxes, it has not been able to achieve the expected growth in the market and continues its development in the direction of shrinkage. It is estimated that 2050 percent of the world's population will live in cities by 66. While approximately 2005 billion trips are made every day in cities around the world in 7.5, it is expected to travel 2050 or 3 times more kilometers in 4. Motorcycles over 250 cc have become transportation vehicles, not hobby vehicles. We will apply to the Ministry of Finance for the year 250 by making the necessary efforts to reduce the SCT, which is 37% paid on vehicles over 8 cc, to 2020% until the specified cc range. ”

Euro 5 Environmental Standard will be mandatory

Bülent Kılıçer also stated that starting from January 1, 2020, all new type approved motorcycles sold in the European Union and the European Free Trade Zone (EFTA) must meet the new Euro 4 environmental standard, which will replace the current Euro 5 specification. “The new Euro 4 standard, which will replace the Euro 5 standard, has become mandatory for all new type approved motorcycles. Some segments (eg enduro and trial motorcycles are given additional delivery time. These products will have to comply with the new Euro 1 exhaust emission limits as of January 2024, 5. The development of vehicle technology has been effective in improving the environmental performance of motorcycles. 3-way catalysts with oxygen sensor controls, As a result of the development of Euro 5 compatible motorcycles equipped with technologies such as electronic engine management systems, advanced fuel injection and variable valve timing, the environmental performance of Euro 5 motorcycles has become equal to that of Euro 6 cars. ”

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