Celebration of Karaköy Tunel 145, 106th Anniversary of Nostalgic Tram

karakoy tunnel is in mourning of nostalgic tram
karakoy tunnel is in mourning of nostalgic tram

The 145th birthday of Karaköy Tunnel, the second subway of the world, and the 106th birthday of Nostalgic Tram, the indispensable of Istiklal Street, were celebrated. The concert organization planned to be held in the program was canceled due to the news of martyrs from Idlib.

IETT General Manager Hamdi Alper Kolukısa, Bus Inc. General Manager Ali Evren Özsoy, IETT Deputy General Manager Dr. Hasan Özçelik, Bem-Bir-Sen IETT Branch President Yakup Gündoğdu and department heads, unit managers and employees attended. At the beginning of the program, information was given on the history and touristic mission of Tünel and Nostalgic Tram. A minute of silence was held for the soldiers martyred in the attack that took place in Idlib with Atatürk and his fellow soldiers, and then the National Anthem was read.

Making the opening speech, IETT General Manager Hamdi Alper Kolukısa stated that Tünel, which is the second subway of the world after London, came together on the occasion of its 145th birthday, and that Tünel has an important mission in Istanbul.

Kolukısa stated that Tünel, which provides safe and environmentally friendly transportation, enables a quiet journey between Beyoğlu and Karaköy and carried 5 million passengers last year.

Reminding that Nostalgic Tram was put into service in 1914 after horse-drawn trams and made 50 years of travel, Kolukısa underlined that the tram, which was put into service after 1991, is an important symbol for Istanbul.

As part of the celebrations, a heart-shaped pillow with the symbol of Aleppo, cotton candy and tram was distributed.

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