Iran Railway Border Gate Closed for Korana Virus

iran railway nerve gate closed due to korana virus
iran railway nerve gate closed due to korana virus

Iraq closed a border gate opening to this country due to new types of coronavirus (Kovid-19) that resulted in death in Iran and created a crisis desk within the Ministry of Health. TransAsia Express mutually functioning between Turkey and Iran, with Tehran and Van freight trains passenger train has stopped.

The death of 4 people in Iran due to coronavirus worried Iraqis. Some Iraqis have begun to demand that the customs gates opened to Iran in order to fight the corona in the country with insufficient infrastructure on social media. While many posts were made on Twitter with the label “Close borders with Iran”, some messages were used such as “Priority should be health” and “Help”. Following these developments, Meysan Governorate announced that the Şeyb Customs Gate, which opened to neighboring Iran, was closed due to coronavirus incidents. In the statements made by the governors of Basra and Diyala, it was stated that health units were located at the border gates between Iran and Iraq, and the Iraqi and Iranian citizens who came here were inspected.

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, We have 3 black border gates in Iran. In addition, there is also the Dilucu border gate opening to Nakhchivan region. Additional measures were needed at the border with the advice of our scientific committee under our Ministry. Road and railroad crossings were stopped by 17.00 today. Air traffic will also be stopped unilaterally. All international flights, ie arrivals from Iran, have been stopped unilaterally and temporarily by 20.00:XNUMX. The decision was made under the coronavirus measure.

Husband stated that they have requested an official document from Iranian passengers stating that they are healthy. “This request has been approved, it will be activated from Sunday evening. In addition to the English and Turkish brochures, Persian information brochures have been added to the passengers at the border gates as of today. ”

According to the statement made by TCDD; Turkey, the increase in deaths from the coronavirus in Iran closed its border with Iran. Turkey-Iran mutual TransAsia Express operating between Tehran and Van passenger train with freight train service was temporarily halted as of 23:17.00 hours on Sunday, February XNUMX.

As is known, the passenger rail link between Iran and with Turkey; It is provided by Trans Asian Train that runs once a week between Ankara-Tehran-Ankara and Van-Tehran Train that runs once a week between Van-Tehran and Van.


  • Gürbulak (Ağrı) Gürbulak Customs Directorate Bazergan Active Permanent 04.09.1953-4 / 1407 Iran
  • Kapıköy (Van) Kapıköy Customs Directorate Razi Active Permanent 13.05.2010-2010 / 411 Iran
  • Esendere (Hakkari) Esendere Customs Directorate Serow Active Permanent 15.09.1964-6 / 3651 Iran
  • Borualan Customs Directorate - Inactive - Iran

Iran-Turkey border of 560 kilometers with Turkey's Longest Second Km Whether Borders Borders 1639 the two countries signed the Treaty of Qasr Shirin has come in with the Year-In until today. Two of the country's land borders of Nakhchivan border Dilucu Crossroads border gate with Iraq-Turkey border Start And End in Point of Intersection. Year 1930 in Turkey-Iraq-Iran triangle in the Kurdish Tribes Revolt Against Management of Living on Afghanistan Between Three Countries And Sadabat Pact is signed. Offered by Turkey on January 1, 1985 Date Borual the border gate to border gate is closed on Iran by opening against Indefinitely.

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