Will the Bosphorus Express Start Expeditions to Izmit?

Kocaeli people want the bogazici express to start in izmit
Kocaeli people want the bogazici express to start in izmit

The citizens of Kocaelili want the Bosphorus Express, which is affiliated with TCDD, and operates at the Arifiye - Bilecik - Bozöyük - Eskişehir - Polatlı - Ankara stops, to start the trip in Izmit.


The Bosphorus Express is operated every day between Ankara and Arifiye. The train that leaves from Ankara at 8.15 hrs arrives at Arifiye station on 14.27. The train departs from Arifiye at 15.30 and takes place in Ankara at 21.34. Bosphorus Express travel time is about 6 hours. The Bosphorus Express, with a capacity of 240 passengers, consists of 4 pulman wagons. The longest distance to Bosphorus Express is 55.00 TL.


About the subject Kocaeli Balance Citizens who reached the Whatsapp Notification Line: “The Bosphorus Express was put into service years later. However, unfortunately, as the people of Kocaeli, we cannot benefit again. Haydarpaşa train station is still closed and there is no official statement about when it will be operational. We want the train, which still serves between Ankara and Arifiye, to be arranged from Kocaeli-Gebze as soon as possible. There is a need for the support of MPs in this regard. ”He said.


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