Ankara Will Compete With The World Cities With 'Başkent Mobile'

ankara baskent will compete with the world cities with mobile
ankara baskent will compete with the world cities with mobile

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansoor Slow, Turkey's first mobile application Smart City "Capital Mobile" application shared with the public.

To the publicity meeting held in the Metropolitan Municipality Conference Hall; lawmakers, district mayors, representatives of civil society and media outlets, and council members and bureaucrats showed great interest.


Underlining that they have taken an important step towards realizing the dream of making Ankara Metropolitan Municipality competitive with world cities, Mayor Yavaş said that the second phase of the application he promoted will be completed in June.

Mayor Yavaş stated that citizens can reach the municipality instantly with the option to be audible or silent with the emergency notification button thanks to the application to be downloaded to smart phones, from Başkent153 (New Blue Table) to pharmacies on duty, from ongoing studies to traffic conditions, from ASKİ online transactions to Kültür Ankara, where buses are located. He stated that many services can be reached until ANKARAKART balance.

"Başkent Mobil will be one of the world's leading applications in its field," said Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş. "Another thing that makes us very happy is that most of the application was carried out by the software developers in our Municipality."


Expressing that they have been taking quick steps to establish the “Democratic Governance” approach since the first day of their office, Mayor Yavaş said that they prioritize making the Municipality transparent, increasing participation and being accountable to the society at any time.

Starting from 2020, President Yavaş pointed out that he will regularly share the criteria regarding social assistance and services and the number of beneficiaries, internal and external audit reports, financial performance information such as strategic plan and budget, and changes in his personal assets with the public.

“The administrations of the Metropolitan Municipalities handle huge amounts of budgets. They can sometimes spend this budget on dinosaurs, unnecessary gates, clock towers, or sports facilities that no one uses. However, municipal administrations spend the money that belongs to the people of the city. Therefore, individual and corporate citizens of the city should have a say in how these budgets will be used. The Smart Municipality application does not only indicate a technological transformation. More importantly, it opens the door to an important revolution in terms of local democracy. The biggest output of this application is the realization of E-DEMOCRACY. Together with the citizens, we open the door of directing Ankara to the fullest. We are sailing on cellular democracy that will affect the municipal administration, from neighborhood headmen to apartment managers. ”


Stating that they are examining many examples from New York to Paris, from Seoul to Helsinki, Mayor Yavaş said that they want to implement many technological applications in Ankara, from climate change action plan to greenhouse gases control, smart energy usage, smart transportation planning and smart disaster management. told.

Underlining that they will complete the second phase of Başkent Mobil until the end of June, Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş also shared the details of the new application that will make the life of the capital city easier:

  • All city buses will become a free wi-fi zone,
  • Surveys about the drivers will be made through the screens we will place on the landing gates of the buses,
  • With the smart bracelet that EGO drivers will wear and send data to the center, the driver's blood pressure and heart rhythm will be measured periodically and the stress level will be determined,
  • With the cameras and online broadcasting systems to be installed on all construction machines, the works carried out by the municipality 7/24 can be watched live.

Ibrahim Elibal, a member of the Information Board of the Visually Impaired Association of Education, which was invited by the President, to the stage at the introductory meeting, showed the “Disabled Persons Module” in practice.

Award in the 'Women Who Write the Future' as part of the Accessible Transportation Project kazanStating that they implemented the second application together with Başkent Mobil, Mayor Yavaş also congratulated Gamze Hatice Bilen, Hazal Çelik, Derya Uzmay Okutan, who received a degree in the project, and Necati Işık, who took part in the film.


Expressing his views on the Baskent Mobile application, Ankara Deputy Dr. Servet Ünsal said, “In today's technology age, mobile application has become an application that facilitates our lives. As a doctor, the application sees any problem on-site and offers the necessary solution. I would like to thank Mr. Mansur Yavaş as an Ankara deputy. ”

Ankara City Council President Halil İbrahim Yılmaz said, “The common mind of the capital will be reflected in municipal services online. I believe that this application will make the life of 5,5 million inhabitants easier. ”İbrahim Elibal said,“ The application initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality with an equal approach to all people has been implemented. We wanted the application to be compatible with visually impaired citizens and worked together. Thank you. ”

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