Turkish Accreditation Agency to Recruit Contracted Personnel

Turkish accreditation agency will hire staff members
Turkish accreditation agency will hire staff members

An oral entrance examination and contract staff will be recruited to 10 (ten) Assistant Accreditation Specialist staff and 17 (seventeen) Administrative Staff to be contracted at the Turkish Accreditation Agency.

Candidates who meet the application requirements will be ranked four times more than the number of candidates to be appointed from each group, by ordering the highest score for each group in the "Entrance Exam Information Table" below for each exam. . All candidates who have the right to participate in the entrance exam to be held by groups and who have received the same score with the last candidate will be invited to the exam.

Candidates will be able to apply to only one of the groups specified in the "Entrance Exam Information Table". If there are not as many applicants as the number of candidates to be invited for the exam or if there is no candidate to win the exam as a result of the introduction of the entrance exam, the Turkish Accreditation Authority has the authority to determine and make changes between the groups according to the staff and the situation.

Exam Application Dates and Application Form

Applications will start on February 13, 2020 and end on February 25, 2020, at 23.59. Applications are is of www.turkak.org.tr It will be held online via the "Accreditation Assistant Specialist Entrance Exam 2020" and "Administrative Staff Entrance Exam 2020" link opened at the electronic address. Applications submitted to the institution by hand or by post will not be accepted.

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