TCDD Will Compete with the Private Sector on the Rails Since 2021

It will compete with the private sector on the rails starting from tcdd
It will compete with the private sector on the rails starting from tcdd

The button was pressed to open the train lines to private companies by tender. TCDD will compete with the private sector on the rails starting from 2021.

SözcüAccording to the report of Erdoğan Süzer; “After the freight transport on the railway, passenger transport is also opened to private sector companies. According to the new draft regulation, from 2021, besides TCDD, trains of private companies will start to carry passengers on state-owned rails. If private train companies, which will rent the existing train lines for 10 years, agree to work on the lines that damage them, their losses will be covered by the state. If the new regulation comes to life, private train companies, like intercity bus companies, will serve on the train tracks. Organized Railways-Labor Union officials at TCDD said that they do not want rail transport to be opened to the private sector, worrying that it will pave the way for subcontracting.


Turkey issued in 2013 by the Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport of the state where the TCDD only use the rail freight and passenger were officially opened to the private sector. With the law published 7 years ago, TCDD was divided into infrastructure and transportation, while TCDD was left with the entire infrastructure network throughout the country, while TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. was assigned the task of fulfilling its public service obligation in passenger transportation until the end of 2020. This obligation, which also envisages the losses of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. to be covered by the state, will end on 31 December 2020. Therefore, from 2021, public service obligation will be fulfilled through both TCDD Tasimacilik and the private sector. Paying duty loss will also be made to that company if the service is taken from.

The General Directorate of Railway Regulation of the Ministry of Transportation opened to the public on the official website to discuss the draft of the law enforcement regulation, as the obligation of TCDD will expire this year. According to the draft titled “Regulation on Selection of Public Service Obligations in Railway Passenger Transportation and Regulation, Implementation and Control Procedures and Principles of Public Service Contracts”, the rails and railway infrastructure under the monopoly of TCDD will also be opened to private sector companies. Freight transportation other than passengers is still carried out by TCDD by 3-4 companies.

If the draft regulation is enacted, all railway lines across the country will be opened to private companies by tender at the regional and national level. Companies wishing to do rail transportation will be able to bid individually or together on all lines at the regional or national level. The tenders will be made on the basis of high speed, fast, main line and regional passenger transportation individually or collectively.

Number of Employees at TCDD

personel TCDD Affiliates
Memur 624 363
Contractual 7.916 5.886
Permanent worker 5.162 6.537
Temporary Workers 251 1
Total 13.953 12.787

Note: taken from SAI report

Public will cover the loss

According to the draft prepared, if the private sector wishes only high-speed trains, it will operate the trains at normal speed together with these trains. The losses of private sector firms, which are not profitable but have to tender the lines that must be operated for public service, will be covered and a 'reasonable profit' rate will be paid. The private sector will be able to buy train sets to carry passengers from domestic or abroad, or rent a car if it wishes.

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  1. ..specifications should not be prepared by novices..the draft should be censored by all expertstrain insurance.maintenance repair .materials belong to the lessor. the technical examination of the train should be done by the railway technicians. You will not hurt. Error responsibility must first belong to the user and then to the TCDD authorities.

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