Keltepe Ski Center Upper Daily Facility is Opening

Upper Weekend Facility Opening at Keltepe Ski Center
Upper Weekend Facility Opening at Keltepe Ski Center

Despite the fact that Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel started to serve as of last weekend, he made investigations at Keltepe Ski Center, which caused intense interest from thousands of citizens from both Karabüklü and other settlements of the region.

Deputy Governor Barboros Baran, Provincial Police Chief Sırrı Tuğ, Deputy Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Mustafa Kuraş, Provincial General Assembly President Hasan Yıldırım, Provincial Secretary General Mehmet Uzun and Youth and Sports Provincial Director Abdulkadir Çetin, together with the Governor, who examined the Lower and Upper Excursion Facilities Gürel went to the Top Day Unity Facilities with the Chairlift and toured the facility.

Expressing that the density of the Sub-Day Unity Facility has occurred due to the intense interest of the citizens last weekend, Governor Gürel said that as of this weekend, it was a feverish work to open the Top-Day Unity Facility, as of Saturday, both sub-day and top-day facilities will be open, He stated that the parking areas were expanded so that more vehicles could be stored, and that all relevant institutions were at the top of their duties and they made an intense effort so that our citizens could get better service and have a good time.

He exchanged ideas with the directors of the company accompanying the new track that is planned to be built, as well as the ski track at the facility.

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