Transportation Minister Accused Railway Passengers in YHT Accident

Transportation Minister Accused Railway Passengers in YHT Accident
Transportation Minister Accused Railway Passengers in YHT Accident

Minister of Transportation Accused Railway Passengers in YHT Accident; Transportation Minister Cahit Turhan, the AK Party ruling in the train accidents, said a major decline, "According to the number of accidents 1988-2002 period, 2003-2018 percent 77 percent decline between the years," he said. According to the information provided by Turhan, cooperation negotiations with Korean and Japanese Railways Research Institutes have started within the scope of railway safety technologies.

Newspaper WallFrom Serkan according to the news site; Corlu in Turkey in the near term and in the train accident occurs in Ankara, dozens of people died. While the allegations such as the absence of signalization on the train lines, the termination of the work of the officers working as watchmen, were presented as the reason for the accidents, explanations came from the authorized institutions that rejected the 'defect' claims.

Train accidents were discussed in the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission, where the Ministry of Transport's budget was discussed. Hangi Which measures are you taking to reduce the accidents? Cah asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan in writing to the HDP Diyarbakır MP, Garo Paylan. Turhan stated that the number of accidents occurred on the railways with modernization studies, “According to the 1988-2002 period, the 2003-2018 period has decreased by 77 percent. Aza


Minister Turhan stated that their aim is to reach the lowest level among the world railways in the number of accidents and deaths, and that TCDD is working intensively on education, legislation and railway safety technologies. Turhan stated that the ministry held cooperation talks with international organizations in order to reduce accidents.

Bir Railway Research and Development (RUTE), a joint venture of TÜBİTAK and TCDD, is a research and development area for railway safety technologies. RUTE and TCDD have started cooperation negotiations with the Korean Railways Research Institute and the Japanese Railways Research Institute on railways. ”


Regarding the high-speed train (YHT) accident that occurred in Ankara on 13 December 2018, in which 3 people, including 9 machinists, lost their lives and 107 people were injured, the Minister also asked the question "Will you give permission for an investigation about the officials of the TCDD General Directorate as a result of the Marşandiz Train accident?" Turan replied. in Ankara kazanThe answer of Turan, who argued that the railway system did not occur due to the individual and operational errors of the personnel working on the railway line, was as follows:

“It is stated that the YHT operation in the Ankara-Sincan line section is carried out without any problems within the framework of the provisions of the Central Telephone Administration of Trains (TMI) system. kazanof; Traffic Controller responsible for the administration and management of railway traffic, Movement Officer and Train Organization Officer (TTM) responsible for the dispatch, acceptance and maneuvering of trains at this stage, and the machinists commanding the trains did not perform their duties fully and on time. It was also revealed in the Administrative Investigation Reports that the accident occurred as a result of individual and operational errors of the personnel working on the railway line, not from the operating system.”


7 child in Çorlu 25 person died in a train accident, "Çorlu train accident occurred because of negligence," Turan answered by pointing to "excessive rainfall". Turan stated that the trial for the accident continued in Çorlu 1 Seventh Criminal Court and said, “8 was held on July 2018 in Uzunköprü HalkalıThe passenger train moving to Tekirdağ, Muratlı and Çorlu districts between the towns of Sarılar near the village, in a very short time, in a very narrow area and since the date of the opening of the line in an unseen amount of accidents occurred as a result of excessive rainfall, ”he said.

KazanDue to the absence of road watchmen who came to the agenda after the kazanTuran said, “Today, the guard duty in question still continues in the topographically risky areas of our lines. The line section where the incident occurred is not within the scope of risky areas in terms of infrastructure and topography. Moreover, the road guards do not stay stationary in the same place and check the daily distance of about 10 kilometers on the line on foot, by going back and forth.

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