The Railway Dividing Akhisar In Two Is Taken Out Of The City

AK Party Manisa Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Committee of the Parliamentary Commission Uğur Aydemir TCDD 3. The railway belonging to the Regional Directorate examined the displacement studies outside the city. The new railway, where test runs are completed, is about 7.2 kilometers long and the approximate cost of the work is 45 million pounds.

The existing 11,6 mileage railway line will be canceled on the 7,2 mile rail with the new 4,2 mileage. On the other hand, Akhisar Food and Textile Market is behind the bazaar temporary railway station construction is being done. Akhisar district center, which divides the middle of the middle of the railway with the removal of the traffic density in the center is expected to relax a little bit to be completed in a very short period of time reported.

TCDD 3. Regional manager Selim Koçbay, lı about 12 kilometers Akhisar transition in the sense of the project by making the 7.2 kilometer manufacturing from the neighborhood of Suleymanli, Covered neighborhood came out. In the meantime, we got rid of the 13 level crossing. Until now, we spent around 33 million, but we expect it to be worth $ 45 million with ongoing work. We finished almost everything in the project, there was no problem in the business, hemen he said.

We would like to thank our President, our Prime Minister, the Minister of Transport and our Regional Director. Akhisar'i divide this railway line that divides Akhisar into a whole city. We had a promise with our esteemed Mayor Salih Hızlı, Akhisar'i will save the split from the two said that today we are proud of the honor and pride of this promise. Akhisar'a best of everything suits, I hope we will bring more beautiful services to Akhisar. We also thank our regional manager for your peace of mind H.

Deputy Prime Minister Uğur Aydemir, who visited the railway works on site, was accompanied by Akhisar Mayor Salih Hızlı, Vice Presidents Ömer İşçi and Latif Çakmak, AK Party District Chairman İsmail Hakkı Şenyiğit and members of the board of directors, Municipal Assembly members and railway operation chiefs.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 15:58

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