New Metrobus Test Expeditions Started

Meti Bus Tests Started
Meti Bus Tests Started

New Metrobus Test Expeditions Started: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is working to renew the buses running on the Metrobus line continues. In this context, a double bellows bus was tested in recent weeks. Testing of the new model of CAPACITY vehicles already in the fleet has started.

The Metrobus line with 44 stations is running 600 vehicles. The mileage of each of these vehicles is around one million 700 thousand. The budget for renewing the old BRT fleet was approved by the IMM Assembly.

IETT General Directorate is continuing its efforts to renew the fleet. Finally, the test drives of the new model of 250 CAPACITY vehicles in the BRT fleet were started.

Mercedes Capacity L Model Test

The current test vehicle for intercity passenger transport in Luxembourg has some new features compared to the previous model. The vehicle has a length of 21 meters and is equipped with EURO 6 engines. The striking feature of the vehicle is that its doors are opening outwards.

The Mercedes CAPACITY L model, which is currently being tested in idle state, examines the fuel consumption and handling characteristics. Shortly after the sandbags loaded with the vehicle to be tested, plenty of ups and downs on the road began to watch the Metrobus.

Mercedes Capacity L Metrobus Promotional Film

 First Domestic Metrobus Akai Promotional Film


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