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Bolu Mountain Tunnel
Bolu Mountain Tunnel

About Bolu Mountain Tunnel; Bolu Mountain Tunnel, 30 of Gümüşova-Gerede highway. km from Kaynaşlı, along the Asarsuyu Valley in the East direction, passes Bolu Mountain in a tunnel and ends at Yumrukaya.

This transition, Helsinki In the 1977 Final Act in line with 10 signed with the participation of European countries and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe with the United Nations Development Program TEM is still ongoing with the support of (North-South European Highway) Project within the scope of Turkey within the limits starting from the Kapitan Andreevo Border Gate Istanbul - It forms part of the Anatolian Motorway that runs through Ankara.

Throughout the project's history, the 12 government has changed, facing the 16.

Bolu Mountain Tunnel Construction

The tender for the Bolu Mountain Crossing Project was started in 1990 and the tender was awarded to Italian Astaldi. The first excavation of the Bolu Mountain Tunnel in the Bolu Mountain Crossing Project started on April 16. No seismic survey was conducted before the construction of the tunnel.

The total 25,5 kilometer-long Bolu Mountain pass includes the 4,6 kilometer-long 4 viaduct, approximately 900 meters long 3 bridges, and approximately 2 thousand 900 meters long Bolu Tunnel. To date, there have been some delays in the project due to 2 times flooding and 2 times exposed to earthquakes. Bolu Mountain Tunnel is built as 3 arrival, 3 going lane, double tube.

The right tube towards Ankara is 2 thousand 788 meters and the left tube towards Istanbul is 2 thousand 954 meters. The Bolu Mountain Crossing Project is often referred to as the Bolu Tunnel Project, but the tunnel constitutes the 2,9 kilometer portion of the project. The estimated cost of the project was determined as 570,5 million dollars. Yüksel Project Control Organization President Faik Tokgözoğlu, who supervises the construction of the Bolu Mountain Tunnel on behalf of the General Directorate of Highways, says that the total cost of the Bolu Mountain Crossing Project, including the price difference, amounts to 900 million dollars. Approximately 35 million dollars of the project was spent on the tunnel.

Bolu Mountain Tunnel Opening Date

Mount Bolu Tunnel, Turkey on January 23 2007 Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi was opened at a ceremony attended. The opening of the ribbon cutting, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi'nin, as well as State Minister Ali Babacan, Minister of Public Works and Settlement Faruk Ozak, Transport Minister Binali Yildirim and Astaldi company Chairman of the Board of Astaldi Astaldi.

Bolu Mountain Tunnel Technical Specifications

Length: 2.788 m (9.147 ft) (Right tube); 2.954 m (9.692 ft) (Left Tube)
Foundation laying: 1993
Opening: 23 January 2007
Highest point: 860 m (2.820 ft)
Lowest point: 810 m (2.660 ft)
Banner: 2 + 3

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