BUDO Became Name Sponsor of Gemlik Basketball Club

budo is the name sponsor of the gemlik basketball club
budo is the name sponsor of the gemlik basketball club

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation company Burulaş site in Bursa Sea Buses (BUDO), Turkey Basketball 1. Became the name sponsor of Gemlik Basketball Club, which struggles in the League.

Providing sports halls for educational institutions in Bursa, supporting amateur sports clubs, bringing new names to the Turkish sports with branches within the body of the Belediyespor Club aims to spread the sport to the base of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality also came to support a Gemlik Basketball Club. Providing bus support especially for away games so far, Metropolitan Municipality has recently become the name sponsor of BUDO and Gemlik Basketball Club.

Signatures scored

Name sponsorship agreement between BUDO Gemlik Basketball Club and Metropolitan Municipality was signed between Bandırma Red match. Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş and Club President Berkay Bulut signed the signature, while Bursa Deputy Zafer Işık did not leave the sports fans alone in this meaningful day. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mayor Aktaş said, aslında We were actually giving transportation support. They said we could do something about sponsorship. Actually, we made our plans for this year. But you can be sure that we give all our support especially for the development of indoor sports. This is not only for the center of Bursa but also in our districts. As you know, there is a team of Metropolitan Belediyespor in the Volleyball Efeler League. We have a team in the first division of women in basketball. But Gemlik Basketball, Berkay Bulut under the chairmanship is very good work. I know that more than 400 children are playing basketball under the roof of Gemlik Basketball, families follow them. We said we can't be strangers to something like this. We agreed on the phone that day. And two days later, he defeated Gemlik Basketball Center. He then took a win on the field. On Wednesday, he defeated Mamak Municipality, which means he did 3 at 3. There will be no doubt that Gemlik Basketball will continue its way as BUDO Gemlik Basketball from today but they will defeat today and they will make 4 at 4. If we have salt in the soup, how happy are we ”.

4 on 4

In the meantime, Mayor Alinur Aktaş, BUDO Gemlik Basketball Bandırma Red team, which they sponsored the name of the match watched from beginning to end. BUDO Gemlik Basketball defeated Merkezefendi Municipality, Bornova Belediyespor and Mamak Municipality in their last three games and managed to defeat Bandırma Kırmızı 97-95 in a highly contentious match. Mayor Aktaş became the partner of the winners in the locker room and congratulated all the athletes one by one.

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