More 27 Bus to Şanlıurfa Public Transport Fleet

sanliurfa public transport fleet bus more
sanliurfa public transport fleet bus more

In his meeting with the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül stated that they will strengthen the public transportation fleet by buying 27 more and then 175 more vehicles in order to produce a definitive solution to transportation problems. my fellow countrymen are worthy of the best of service ”.

Continuing its efforts to make Şanlıurfa a brand city both in the region and throughout Turkey, the Metropolitan Municipality added 27 buses to its fleet in order to provide more comfortable and safe services to citizens in public transportation. kazannagged. Participation in the promotional program of the vehicles was intense. Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, AK Party Provincial President Bahattin Yıldız, Karaköprü Mayor Metin Baydilli, Haliliye Mayor Mehmet Canpolat, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mahmut Kırıkçı, Metropolitan Municipality Council members, deputy general secretaries, heads of departments, ISUZU Deputy General Manager Yusuf Teoman, Dicle A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors İbrahim Dicle, representatives of non-governmental organizations, headmen and citizens attended.


The program first started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. While all the participants were accompanying the prayers made afterwards, President Beyazgül greeted the guests; He said that the people of Şanlıurfa always deserve the best service. President Beyazgül said, “We are dealing with all the gangrenous problems of the country, and we will continue to do so. What problems are there as we come; transport. We immediately gave a purchase order for the vehicle. We put our first car group at the disposal of the people of Şanlıurfa. So is it over? no it's not over. We have calculated how many vehicles are needed and we need 175 more vehicles. Our Minister of Environment and Urbanization came the other day and expressed; I hope 175 vehicles will be sent to Urfa with the cooperation of our Minister of Environment and Urbanization. kazanwe will go. Our Minister of Environment and Urbanization had a saying that he said; We were saying, 'Do we agree, friends', 'Yes, we agree'. Here, as Şanlıurfa, we start to solve the problems one by one after we start to agree.”


Chairman Beyazgül shared the studies made in his speech and the projects planned to be carried out in the future. Mayor Beyazgül said, “Behind the castle, 300 houses admire every official coming from outside. We brought these 300 victims to their homes in a very short time and then our Minister of Environment and Urbanization stated that; 'The landscape of this place belongs to us,' he said. Then we gave our ear to Şanlıurfa, he said, 'You have finished the beautiful castle, but this gangrenous problem is also there is a problem in Kızılkoyun' and we said 'well'. As soon as we arrived, we finished the asphalt and pavement of the auto sellers site and made it ready. Other professional sites, our village roads, asphalt, overpasses and many ongoing activities are ongoing. Our roads, libraries and works continue. When the mayor of each district was trying to explain what they did on the TV show the other day, the announcer said: 'Time is not enough here, we have to program each of you separately'. It is not enough to tell them when we have done the activities that should be done for a very long time in a very short time. What more will we do; our service building. I hope we will present our service building to the agency in a very short time. Our National Gardens will continue again, Akçakale street road expansion this work continues. Again, by supporting the education as full support, 270 thousand students received a trial exam. We are working on drinking water, sewage, SHUSKI and historical areas, and soon we are entering Açıksu Street. We also handle the traffic problem. I would like to thank my President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from here. They invited a representative of the chamber of industry for 80 people, where they were hosted. We also met and our contacts continue and we will take our brother İbrahim Halil Peltek with us. Dismantle your factories in Istanbul, we say to Urfa, we will work together. Because we will continue to solve employment, which is our most important problems, with our professional organizations. Our hard work with the heads of the Commodity Exchange, Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Chamber of Agriculture continues on the road to Urfa's development. We have a goal, let me state it here, employment is our very important goal, we will solve it in unity and solidarity with the permission of God. But we also have a goal in tourism. Urfa will be a tourism city. We are determined to open up completely around Urfa because an old Urfa is not found in another city. You can arrange modern buildings, you can do this everywhere, but it is no longer possible to establish an old Şanlıurfa, a historical Şanlıurfa, and this center, which has around two thousand registered houses, will become a tourism and cultural center. I want the support of my citizens of Şanlıurfa, of course. Yes, I am asking here, is it an idea to open the surroundings of the old Urfa? Come and take it with your own hands and take it with your own hands while the driver is recruiting our friends. But I said I want something from you, from my chauffeur friends, our citizens become old, become children, become women and become pregnant, and there is only one thing you can do is be smiling towards them. Today, I see them, I see a serious work, I do not come to us complaining about drivers from our citizens, I thank them and I want them to continue working on this road. We will continue on our way together with our professional organizations, our Şanlıurfa and our people. Urfa is developing, Urfa is developing and Urfa will be a commercial city, it will be an industrial city, it will be a tourism city. Nobody can keep a Urfa with the sun, energy, soil and young population, Urfa will develop, Urfa will change.


Speaking after Mayor Beyazgül, AK Party Provincial Chairman Bahattin Yıldız said, “We evaluate our requests from our citizens with all our district mayors, under the leadership of our Metropolitan Mayor, and convey our opinions and ideas to open new lines to the regions in need. My esteemed president also evaluated them and stated that such purchases will continue in order to improve the lines that our citizens use intensively. We thank him and his team and wish him continued success. ”

Haliliye Mayor Mehmet Canpolat and Karaköprü Mayor Metin Baydilli, who also made a speech, pointed out that metropolitan municipality is acting together with the district municipalities, and said that this union is the best service for the citizens.

Finally, Deputy General Manager of ISUZU Yusuf Teoman made a speech and stated that buses are the latest model, comfortable and safe.

After the speeches, President Beyazgül and the guests examined the vehicles. Mayor Beyazgül, who wishes the vehicle drivers a 'Good Trip', said that the buses will serve on routes in busy areas.

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