19.362.135 Passengers Served at Airports in October

airports served in October
airports served in October

General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI), October, 2019 airplane, passenger and freight statistics announced.

Accordingly, in October; The number of aircraft departing and departing at airports was 72.488 for domestic flights and 69.174 for international flights. Total airplane traffic served reached 182.654 with overpasses.

In October, Turkey serving domestic passenger traffic at airports across 8.443.307, international passenger traffic was 10.905.965. Total passenger traffic with direct transit passengers was realized as 19.362.135.

Airports freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; As of October, 72.677 tons in domestic lines and 287.263 tons in international lines reached a total of 359.940 tons.


As of the end of October, 2019; airplane traffic to and from airports was 709.259 on domestic flights and 623.820 on international flights. Thus, total aircraft traffic reached 1.733.242 with overpasses.

Turkey 84.874.916 of the overall domestic passenger traffic airports, where international passenger traffic during this period of 95.733.615 direct transit passengers together with total passenger traffic stood at 180.844.809.

Airports freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; 699.137 tons in domestic lines and 2.152.675 tons in international lines.


In October, 9.077 domestic and 28.870 aircrafts landed and took off at Istanbul Airport and total traffic became 37.947.

Total 1.440.549 passenger traffic, including 4.777.434 in domestic lines and 6.217.983 in international lines, was realized.

In the period of January-October, 2019 airplane traffic was realized in Istanbul Atatürk Airport, where general aviation activities and cargo transportation continued. At this airport, 132.946 passengers were served during the January-April period until the opening of the Istanbul Airport.

At Istanbul Airport, there were 260.382 aircraft and 41.792.679 passenger traffic in a ten-month period.

Thus, total 393.328 aircraft traffic was realized in these two airports; 57.865.213 passengers were served.


The number of passengers served at 10 per month at the airports in tourism centers where foreign traffic is high has reached to 54 million. Passenger traffic 17.808.542 on domestic lines, 35.975.236 on international lines; air traffic was 134.761 on domestic flights and 210.489 on international flights.

10 monthly data of our airports in tourism centers are as follows:

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport received 7.603.737 services on domestic flights, 3.033.339 services on international flights and a total of 10.637.076 passengers.

At the Antalya Airport, a total of 6.052.414 passengers were served, including 27.427.192 domestic and 33.479.606 international passengers.

In Muğla Dalaman Airport, total 1.427.617 passenger traffic, including 3.046.607 in domestic flights and 4.474.224 in international flights, was realized.

Muğla Milas-Bodrum Airport has the number of domestic passengers 2.283.786 and the number of international passengers 1.878.739. Total 4.162.525 passengers were served.

The number of domestic and international passengers at Gazipaşa Alanya Airport was 440.988. The total number of passengers reached 589.359.

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