Istanbul Airport 3 187 Thousand 553 Passes Passengers per Month

Istanbul airport 3 annually 187 bin 553 u curdu
Istanbul airport 3 annually 187 bin 553 u curdu

The General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) announced the air traffic, passenger and freight statistics for January of 2019.

Accordingly, in January 2019 year;

Airplane traffic landing and taking-off to airports was 63.266 on domestic lines and 41.425 on international lines. Overflight traffic in the same month was realized as 37.488. Thus, the total aircraft traffic served in the airway reached 142.179 with overpasses.

Airports across Turkey this month 8.577.880 domestic passenger traffic, while international passenger traffic was 5.469.763. Thus, total passenger traffic along with direct transit passengers was realized as 14.068.059.

Airport traffic (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; As of January, 67.999 tons reached to 201.642 tons in domestic lines and 269.641 in total in January.


31 As of October 2018, scheduled flights started at Istanbul Airport. 2019 for domestic flights and 949 aircraft for international flights was 563.

In the said period, 125.059 was served from Istanbul Airport and 62.494 was served on international flights.

2019 was the 462 at 332 in Istanbul Airport and 794 at XNUMX.

In this month, 59.935 was the 32.288 for domestic flights and 92.223 for the international flights.

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