IETT Employees Wore Masks During Children with Leukemia Week

iett employees wear mask during the children's week
iett employees wear mask during the children's week

IETT General Directorate and LÖSEV organized a seminar on s Children with Leukemia Week ”about leukemia. In addition, managers and employees wearing a mask gave an awareness message.

LÖSEV organized a seminar titled “MASKEMI TAKARIM, AWARENESS CREATION unda at the IETT Kağıthane Garage conference hall during 2-8 November Children's Week to explain that leukemia is a preventable and curable disease.

Seminar; LÖSEV İstanbul Corporate Communications and Administrative Affairs Assistant Coordinator Burcu Demir and IETT Department Heads, Unit Managers and Employees participated. In the seminar where intensive participation was provided, leukemia was not a helpless disease and the mask used during the treatment was used to prevent infection.

In addition, İETT managers can use İETT buses, stops and so on. stated that they can support the studies related to LÖSEV in order to raise awareness in the fields. Managers and employees wearing masks gave a message.

At the seminar, which aims to raise awareness, the employees took a collective photo by wearing a mask. IETT managers wore masks to draw attention to awareness.



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