How will the transportation be to Bursa City Hospital?

how to get to the city hospital
how to get to the city hospital

The transportation issue of Bursa City Hospital, which is established on the Bursa Motorway, is on the table of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

Literally patient acceptance is not yet done, but the staff is competent in their departure and arrival.

Although Bursa City Hospital is far away uzakta

There are those who say, Ulu Once upon a time, Uludağ University was outside the city. Ancak However, the location of the project we talked about is very different.

For many years, the choice of place discussions continue…

On the grounds that that new project will be made, some existing hospitals have been completely stopped improving and developing.


The closure and transport of the Chest Diseases Hospital in Kaplıkaya at high altitudes is also envisaged.

Health experts say it's wrong.

There is mention of the earthquake risk, but this could not be done, even when the next reserve area could be built and gradually expanded.

We also know and hear that Bursa City Hospital has very advanced technology and equipment.

Agreement and operation principles işleyiş

Made in collaboration with the private sector!

As in state-owned hospitals…

Time will also show how effective the communication will be against the problems and demands of the people and can get results.

In case of problems and troubles, first of all AK Party deputies, as members of the government, will do their part.

Previously, we wrote…

When choosing a place for public projects, the state does not take full account of public access, environment and traffic relations and impacts.

The people of Bursa are considering how to get access to Bursa City Hospital, including the time of night.

The transportation solution to Bursa City Hospital is over the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and the rail system is being considered for the full solution.

Ankara chose this place…

The rail system should also undertake the addition of the line to connect to the city network and it should also be ensured that it starts immediately.


3 will be the year, even if it is to be done.


We have heard that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is planning to reach the city by bus from 18 point.


As we suggested, we also learned that the transfer line from Uludağ University has actually started flights, but…

For this application, the first place of departure should be from BursaRay Station, let's emphasize.

Bursaray 1050 Housing Station also departs from the expedition.

While transport from many nearby neighborhoods is targeted, no additional transfer-based pricing is expected.

With the decision of Ankara…

It is understood with the Bursa City Hospital that the access and traffic issues should not be ignored while the service projects that will draw the society to a certain point. (Serkan Inceoglu- Bursa)

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