BUDO Mudanya-Büyükçekmece Expeditions Begins

BUDO Mudanya-Büyükçekmece Expeditions Start: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe shared the changes in every field from transportation to sports, historical heritage to economic development with the students of Uludağ University. BUDO has become a major brand in the sea transportation in a short time, reminding the President Altepe, Büyükçekmece City Council decision has been made and soon between the Mudanya-Büyükçekmece sea bus service will start the heralds.

Bursa Youth Clubs Federation and Uludağ University Student Societies organized by the 'Youth and Local Administration Meetings' was the first guest of Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe. Meeting the students at the Medikososyal facilities on the Görükle campus, President Altepe informed the youth about the work they have implemented. Turkey's locomotive Altepe President stating that there should be, it's goals transportation to sports, until they were reminded of the historical heritage of agriculture in every area of ​​intense study. In this study, the fruit of voicing begin receiving the President Altepe, Bursa among the fastest growing cities economically in the world xnumx'ünc that ranks in Turkey in terms of quality of life first, in the world and stressed that xnumx'inc as settled.

Altepe emphasized the importance of local administrations in the development of cities, the city's problems and solutions to the best of the city is known by the local administrators, he said. Altepe said, karşı The local administrator recognizes the city, has the ideals, takes responsibility and accounts for the people. I'm constantly in the public. When we do not solve a problem, the public immediately asks for the account. He already asks in the chest. In addition, local administrators will continue to live in the city once their duties are over. Therefore, he is more responsible to his city. Without touching the soap, the situation can not be governed. It can therefore make radical decisions for the local ruling city. Otherwise, when the task is completed, people can talk about why you have been mayor for so many years. We also work day and night, day and night, in cooperation with our university, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, non-governmental organizations and all urban dynamics. İşte

Pointing out BUDO as an example of the radical decisions taken for the development of the city, President Altepe said, “When we are going to launch the ships, 'How will you compete with İDO? You can't do this job? they said. However, our people had problems in maritime transportation and they were waiting for a solution. We started this business with a radical decision. We do not have to worry about making a profit. It is enough for us to cover fuel, maintenance and labor costs. What happened in the end. While other municipalities are selling the ships they have, we are buying new ships. Mudanya Kabataş Erdek - Avşa - Marmara Island, Istanbul - Avşa, Mudanya - Büyükada flights were added in summer. Now our flights to Büyükçekmece will start. There was a request from Büyükçekmece Municipality. They have also taken parliamentary decisions on this issue. Our flights will start soon. Good luck, ”he said.

Expressing that Bursa is a city that can meet all kinds of needs thanks to its strong industry, President Altepe said that local tram production is the best example. Altogether, the subway car and trams taken abroad for millions of liras have gone abroad, voicing President Altepe, l These trams were produced in Bursa in our consultancy. It is better quality and more economical than those produced in Europe. If the new pick-up and trams from abroad were taken from abroad, we would send 600 more than 1 million liras. Now 300 million is produced in Bursa. Now the vehicles of Kocaeli and Samsun will be produced in Bursa. Even Siemens made a tender in Germany, the vehicles will be produced in Bursa. Because we have good workmanship, and the costs are more affordable. Bursa, which is not a train factory, has become the center of rail systems today. Now we're going into the air industry. Our goal is to produce aircraft after the tram. Our university is ready, our industrialist is ready. We are preparing the infrastructure. I hope this will happen soon. Because there is no obstacle for us to do. Our development depends on production. Just let us not harm the environment, Yeter he said.

President Altepe, after the speeches of students answered questions about the wonder.

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  1. Mr. President Your next goal should be to open a road that bypasses Istanbul from Anatolia to Europe by starting RORO (passenger + vehicle "truck, automobile, etc.") voyages to Tekirdağ by making the necessary arrangements from Gemlik port. Respects.