The Allegations of Çelebi Bandırma Port Passing to Albayraklar Are Unfounded

celebi bandirma harbor albayraklara allegations unfounded claims
celebi bandirma harbor albayraklara allegations unfounded claims

As it is known, the concession agreement regarding the transfer of operating rights of TCDD Bandırma Port for the period of 36 entered into force on 18.05.2010 date. Çelebi Holding won the privatization of Bandırma Port for 177.5 million dollars and started to serve as Çelebi Bandırma International Port Management Inc. Çelebi Bandırma Port, which spent approximately 50 million dollars in the name of improving the port in the following years, has become a modern port with its infrastructure and superstructure improvement works and continues its infrastructure rehabilitation investments in 2019.

In this process, our port cargo handling capacity increased by 2010 by 2019 from 40 to XNUMX and in addition to bulk cargo, general cargo, liquid cargo and project cargo loads, great progress has been made in container transportation.

Çelebi Bandırma Port, which provides a significant increase in the volume of container transportation after the transfer, continues to increase 2011 TEU in 2.372, 2012 TEU in 9.748, 2013 TEU in 23.547 and 2018 TEU record container movement in 35.695.

While Çelebi Bandırma Port continued in the port sector with modern cranes and superior technological automation program products in the port sector, a number of unfounded and unfortunate news appeared in the press. ”BANDIRMA ÇELEBİ PORT IS ALBAYRAKLAR ..! The news is unfounded and there are no handover transactions, and it continues to work as the dynamo of foreign trade in the south of Marmara. In order to put an end to these news, our company required disclosure.

Accordingly, ÇELEBİ BANDIRMA HARBOR INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT AS Turkey and made a name worldwide and is a building block located between the Çelebi Holding subsidiary that continued to be talked about.

Turkey's business and industrial center of Istanbul, as well as commercial aspects of the Southern Marmara and located Chalabi in an advantageous position with connections to the Aegean Bandirma Limanıilk 5 months in total cargo volume compared to the same month last year, providing an increase of 12% continues its operations.

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