Blue Sea and Green are Preserved by Blue Sea Clean Coast Project

blue sea is protected by blue and green with clean coast project
blue sea is protected by blue and green with clean coast project

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Blue Sea Clean Coast project to date has served 4530 boat.

A first in the big cities in Turkey, and environmental awards crowned by Mugla Municipality Clean Coast Project Blue Sea with coast of Mugla, blue and continues to protect the green.

1480 km of coastline by Turkey in Las Vegas, which has the longest coastline with 6 boat collects waste from marine vessels Muğla Municipality has served up 4530 597 boat today and handed the blue card. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality 4530 has two waste collection centers in Göcek and Akyaka. 3977 in Göcek during the Ramadan Feast, 15 in Akyaka Metropolitan Municipality teams serving 009 tons of garbage collected.

President Gürün; “We protect our Muğla with blue and green and carry it to the future and create a more livable city for our children.”

Mayor of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Osman Gürün said that they are working to protect the blue and green in Muğla, a special city with its nature and historical beauties. President Gürün; "Mugla, such as laces with unique coastline bordering the Mediterranean not only Turkey but also having a longer coastline than nine countries. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are working hard to preserve these beauties where the journey of blue begins and where every tone of blue and green is generously exhibited. In Göcek and Akyaka, we collect waste from marine vehicles with our waste collection centers and 6 boats. We made applications for Marmaris Karacasöğüt Waste Recycling Center. We will increase the number of boats and we will serve marine vessels in a wider area. We will carry Muğla to the future by preserving blue and green, and we will entrust our children to a more livable city. ”



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