Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center Breaks Visitor Record

yildiz dagi winter sports tourism center visitors record
yildiz dagi winter sports tourism center visitors record

Star Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center 2018-2019 season evaluation meeting was held under the leadership of Governor Salih Ayhan. The meeting was held at the Special Provincial Administration of Sivas. Deputy Governor and Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Nebi Kaya, Buruciye A.Ş. General Manager Mustafa Altun and administrative and technical staff attended.

193 Bin 269 Visits Star Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center
Stating that Star Mountain had closed the season with a record visitor in the month of 4, Governor Salih Ayhan stated that they had a qualified period. There is an increase of approximately 2018 compared to the previous period. This figure shows that the interest in the Stars is increasing day by day, gün he said.

Governor Ayhan stated that they were able to increase the number of visitors with different and qualified studies and said ık We have increased the interest of our citizens and made sure that the children are both skiing and skiing. We enriched the weekends and night activities. This period is 5. Star spent the season at the summit of Star Mountain. Of course we had deficiencies, but we also had them. For example, this season we have activated the smart transition system. Thus, we were able to see the number of people benefiting from the transition systems in a concrete way. On the mountain, we enriched not only skiing but also other activities. We have implemented educational programs for our children within the scope of social responsibility project Çocuklar.

We Do not See Yıldız as a Commercial Center
Stating that they will make Star Mountain the center of the region, Governor Salih Ayhan will continue our training programs. We will continue to integrate our families with winter sports. Turkey's youngest, most modern and most do not see the economic ski as a commercial center. Of course, our main purpose is to not harm in any way. Yıldız Mountain has closed this season profitably. We left a beautiful season behind, Güzel he said.

Hot Cermik-Star Mountain Road Connection will be Tender
Governor Ayhan, who heralded the tender for the hot Çermik-Yıldız Mountain road connection in the near future, said: ağı The project process is completed. No financial problems. Highways 16. Our regional directorate will start the road works by making the tender soon. Thus, we will bring together winter tourism with thermal, Böylece he said.

Yıldız Hotel New Hotels
Addressing the issue of accommodation in the region, the Governor Salih Ayhan said, değin We have a boutique hotel in Yıldız. We stayed in 2 bin 666 people in our hotel this season. This figure also increased by 114 percent compared to last year. Our accommodation capacity is not enough. We wanted the private sector to invest in this region but there was not enough feedback. We have the Special Administration, Buruciye A.Ş. We are engaged in working to make the skiing hotel as a star. I hope that the new hotel in 2019 in August will be the tender of the foundation. Thus, the problem of the road and accommodation will be completely solved. Böylece

Talibiz to the World Cup
Stating that Yildiz Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center is seeking the World Cup in 2022, Governor Ayhan said, Kış We are a candidate for the International Competition, the World Ski Championships. We believe that we will do this. Because the general parameters of the mountain, the slopes, the condition of the runway is suitable for this. In the case of 2022, Yıldız Dağı is a candidate for the World Cup. We trust our mountain, our services, our team and Sivas. We believe that we will achieve this. Yıldız Dag is a value of Sivas, a brand, we will do the service that is necessary for this brand together. Bir

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