Why doesn't Oyak Holding disclose the outcome of the Gulf Port tender?

oyak holding korfez does not explain the result of the port tender
oyak holding korfez does not explain the result of the port tender

Oyak Holding, the owner of Erdemir Steel Plants, bought the Yarımca Ceramic Factory, which is located within the boundaries of the Körfez District, as we all know.

Oyak Holding sold half of the land purchased for the cookie money to Dubailis and the Dubyars built a port here called the Dubai Port.

On the remaining land of approximately 100 land in Oyak Holding, he applied to the state to make port and he also got permission to do the port.

The magnitude of the port of Oyak Holding, where environmentalists have reacted to a great extent, has a total of 180.

The 100 turn on the land will be filled into the sea around 80 turning about to be filled in the new port.

Oyak Holding 25 filed a tender in February for the port.

And this tender was attended by the giant construction firms of our country.

Starting from Cengiz Construction, Kalyon-Kolin partnership and Tekfen Construction participated in this tender.

There are two firms left.

One is the Kalyon-Kolin partnership and the other is Tekfen Holding.

But three months later, Oyak Holding has not announced the outcome of the tender.

It is unknown whether there are other reasons or because of the economic crisis.

This port, which will be built by Oyak Holding in the Gulf, is the largest investment to be made in our country at the moment. (the güngörarsl)

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