SMEs Preparing for Digital Age with BMF

SMEs prepare with digital caga bmf
SMEs prepare with digital caga bmf

Bursa Model Factory, prepared by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), provides quality and productivity increase with lean manufacturing processes and guides the companies of Bursa to transition to new industrial revolution. BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Turkey's advanced technology teknosab having said first OIZ Bursa Model Factory Project with the digital conversion will make a significant contribution to Turkey's journey.

Bursa Model Factory (BMF), run by BTSO with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Productivity and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), combines theory and practice using experiential learning techniques. Factory accelerates SMEs' transition to digital production kazanIt also facilitates the adaptation of companies from Bursa to this process. Model Factory, which operates within the body of BTSO MESYEB in Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone and was opened with the participation of Vice President Fuat Oktay and the city protocol last March, was designed like a real factory environment with production development models.


BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Turkey said they did not want to remain behind the new industrial era. According to the demands of the Bursa business world, the new concepts such as the artificial intelligence and the Internet of objects of the BMF significantly change the way companies do business. We are working with great enthusiasm to grow the source. Bursa Model Factory will guide our companies in many areas ranging from productivity growth to quality, lean manufacturing and digital transformation. Bursa


Mr. Burkay stated that Bursa Model Factory provided scalability by using operational excellence principles and experiential learning techniques in the enterprises and that the center combined theoretical and practical training methods within the framework of experiential learning principles. Dr. Ibrahim Burkay, sağlan This model can only help to achieve an 7 level of improvement in recall rates compared to capacity building programs based on classroom training. Experiential learning techniques not only increase the rate of recall, but also accelerate the learning experience. Deneyim


Stating that it will not be possible for Turkey to develop without producing information and technology, President Burkay said, “We have full confidence that our country will advance to a stronger future with national and domestic moves in line with its 2023, 2053 and 2071 visions. In addition to TEKNOSAB, Turkey's first OIZ with advanced technology, an important center such as Bursa Model Factory is located in Bursa. kazanWe see it as a great advantage for our city. As Bursa business world, we will continue to provide support for basic needs such as infrastructure and human resources required for digital transformation, from large-scale companies to SMEs.” said.


BMF aims to increase the capacity of companies in lean production, work study and process improvement, KAIZEN continuous improvement, such as efficiency improvement techniques. Currently, the center can produce a pallet robot carrier. Model In the training process of the factory, lean manufacturing techniques are applied and the enterprises are transformed in this field. At the end of the process, companies are contributing to the digitalization of 4.0.


In the UNF, the pilot programs include experiential trainings from learning-return programs; From awareness raising seminars to academic projects and product development projects, important organizations that provide direct benefits to companies are being realized. With these training programs, companies will get results such as approaching zero error, not repeating the mistake, reacting to sudden changes that may come from outside, producing in time, destroying wastes, adopting KAIZEN's way of thinking, making quality a standard value. This process will enable firms to reach the 4.0 level as a result of combining lean manufacturing techniques with digitalization.

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