A Free Parking in Bursa is Also to Yıldırım

There is also a free parking on scholarship
There is also a free parking on scholarship

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, in the district of Yildirim in the face of the High Specialized HNXX car park in the area against the vehicle has earned. The car park, which was operated by Burbak and which was free of charge, eliminated the most important problem of the patients' relatives.

In Bursa, Metropolitan Municipality, which provides a sensible relief in traffic with smart junction arrangements and road expansion works, continues to provide comfortable traffic to both the traffic and the citizens with the parking spaces it creates. About two months ago, the district of Nilufer Tax Offices have provided free parking and 550 vehicle capacity and the people of the region has won the admiration of the Metropolitan Municipality, now Yildirim district has provided free parking. In the face of Bursa Technical University, the area next to Bursa Technical University was transformed into a free car park.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, said in a statement, Bursa, a new and more functional parking, he said. President Aktas reminded that they took over a land owned by the Treasury and assigned a perimeter to the headquarters next to Nilüfer Municipality, and that they had a very serious car park in Şevket Yılmaz Hospital. In order to overcome the problem, we said that, as in Nilüfer, Burbak officials could deliver their vehicles safely, and provided free parking for 2 vehicles.

Capacity to 500

President Aktas, Yildirim, next to the service parked next to the parking lot of a 250 vehicle in the Metropolitan Municipality, emphasizing the right to use, said it would transform into a car park. President Aktas said that the volume of parking in the region will be in the 500 vehicle with the reinforcements. "We offer the paid places to the people of our people in order to be able to charge the cost of the work," he said.

Noting that certain points of Bursa were in serious trouble in terms of parking, President Aktaş said, One of the points such as this was the area where Şevket Yılmaz Hospital was located. Especially Yildirim district and will use our hospital for the benefit of our fellow em.



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