1881 Atatürk Ship Woman Captain

1881 Atatürk Ship The Single Female Captain of İZDENİZ
1881 Atatürk Ship The Single Female Captain of İZDENİZ

Kamile Koç, who served as the captain of the favorite ship of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality fleet, "1881 Ataturk", left aside the difficulties of his profession known as "men's work" and became a good role model for his fellow men. Kamile Koç, who works at İZDENİZ, the company responsible for the maritime transportation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is proud of being the "single woman captain" in the Gulf of Izmir. After 18 years of long road captain, Koç, who has been the captain of İZDENİZ's favorite ship in 7 Atatürk for 1881 months, is known as the “Sultan of the Gulf” among his colleagues.

The female captain, who is very pleased with the warmth and sincerity of the people of Izmir, said, “People are waving when they see me when I get off the ship or get on board; There are even claps. "I am very happy to live in İzmir and to be in İZDENİZ."

The horror of the storm

Kamile Kaptan, who also eroded the oceans before his mission in Izmir Bay, faced all kinds of adventures. The Harikeyn Storm, which they caught while crossing the Atlantic Ocean on their journey as the first long-distance officer, ranks first among the memories he never forgets:

Lim We went from the harbor of Liverpool to England by the Titanic route to the American Charleston Harbor. It was the winter period, like January-February. As we went north, we were caught in the storm. It was the second captain's shift; I was not on the bridge because I did not have my own shift. They're looking for me, so you're all right. Everything was flying in the air. But I didn't mean to be afraid. That's why I'm not on the bridge, which is the safest place. When everyone was on the bridge with fear, I was down. Herkes

We beat that superstition

Kamile Koç, who says he loves the sea from childhood and therefore decided to become captain, emphasizes that a woman can do anything if she wants to:
“High effort, patience, of course, belief and love are very important to do this job. You have to be strong as a body anatomy. They once believed that 'the woman brought bad luck on board', but with the proliferation of female captains, we beat this belief. This is a physically demanding job. I worked hard at the tanker; I went down to the pump room and disassembled the pumps. I did everything I could do during my profession. My advice to my female friends who will choose this profession is this: Definitely focus on captainship. If you believe and work, you will definitely succeed. ”

Formula for success

Kamile Koç describes the disadvantages of being a woman in the profession of captain dominated by men:

“On the bridge where we manage the ship and the long road captain, the guide captains come here to help us dock at various ports. Unfortunately, the pilots called the captain when they climbed onto the bridge every time I approached the port. Since the chief engineer who was with us was a man, they made the captain fit them and said 'hello' to them first. After the warning of the chief engineers, 'our captain is here', they turned towards me and were very surprised. I've had this a lot. While taking our graduation thesis at school, the teachers said to us, 'You will work on land, not on the sea anyway, let's give homework accordingly.' I have never worried about these. I always worked, I tried. I believed in myself and came to where I was. ”

7 months in the Gulf

Koç said that he came to İzmir for a congress while he was in university and that he liked İzmir very much ever since. He said o I have been working for 7 for months in İZDENİZ. I love Izmir and the people of Izmir very much. I saw that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was very successful in sea transportation. These ships are the world's largest ships in class. We have all kinds of quality management certificates de.

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