capital roads are filling the goz
06 Ankara

Capital Roads Fill Eyes

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Hacettepe Beytepe Campus in front of the multi-storey bridge intersection study Angora Boulevard and Eskisehir Road completed in a short time, opened to traffic. Metropolitan Municipality Head of Science Department Vedat [more…]

air hostess meets women
34 Istanbul

Women are welcomed with flowers in HAVAİST

HAVAIST, which performs Istanbul Airport transportation, is greeted with flowers by Otobüs AS, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. HAVAİST; for women passengers and women personnel working on-site, flowers on the occasion of “8 March International Women's Day” [more…]

feshane bayrampasa tram line is not needed
34 Istanbul

No EIA Required for Feshane Bayrampaşa Tram Line

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization examined the tram line project of approximately 3 kilometers, which is planned to be built by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality between "Feshane (Haliç) - Bayrampaşa". It was decided that the project was “No Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Required”. new tram [more…]

Vanin Gives Women Bus Buses
65 Van

Van's Women Bus Drivers Give Trust

Women who worked as a chauffeur in the buses of Van Metropolitan Municipality were in charge of 8 March International Women's Day. 5 has been working in the city buses connected to Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation for nearly 3 years. [more…]

trabzonda bus service is given fire training
61 Trabzon

Fire Training for Bus Drivers in Trabzon

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation bus drivers are given fire training. To take precautions against fires in the trainings given by the Fire Department of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, what should be done in case of fire, [more…]

from the summit of the ausder
41 Kocaeli

Kocaeli Receives A Prize from AUSDER Summit

Smart Transportation Systems Association (AUSDER) organized by 1. The projects developed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Public Transportation for public transportation at the Akıllı International Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit ne received the 'Innovative Public Transportation Solutions Award'. [more…]