Women are welcomed with flowers in HAVAİST

air hostess meets women
air hostess meets women

Women who were transported to Istanbul Airport by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which is a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, met with flowers. HAVAİST; 8 presented women with flowers on the occasion of “XNUMX March International Women's Day kadın.

HAVAIST, which provides transportation services at Istanbul Airport within the body of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary, Koç AŞ, is a woman's hand. 31 October 2018'da began to service and service points increase every day HAVAİST'dan 4 female driver is working. Women chauffeurs were on the job to serve passengers on 8 March International Women's Day. The bus AS-HAVAIST officials welcomed them, with flowers in their hands. Both women drivers and women's passengers celebrated the N 8 March International Women's Day Hem and presented flowers.

Female passengers were satisfied with the flowers before the trip. Sinem Yener from the passengers, ler Thank you for greeting the flowers. It is very nice to show this sensitivity on such a special day. First time I use HAVAIST. I was happy to see a female driver in the driver's seat. I congratulate you for your self-confidence and effort. Women use vehicles more calm,. He said. Neriman Hizar from the passengers, kullanan Previously 'I used a bus driver' I saw the news in the form. It was my first experience to travel by a bus that a woman driver uses. It's nice to give them a chance. I'm happy. I believe they will succeed. I would like to thank the HAVAIST authorities for their interest and the flowers they have presented. HAV

Istanbul Airport, which will be the largest airport in the world, serving the passengers proud to be serving women drivers, starting with the dream of childhood bus driver career is crowned with HAVAIST.

Zeynep Alemdar Akıncı, one of the 4 female drivers working at HAVAİST, works on the H024 line on the Istanbul Airport-Taksim route. Saying that he has been practicing this profession for 25 years, Akıncı said, “My travel from Istanbul to Konya in the front seat of the bus was a source of enthusiasm for my bus driver. On that day, I was very passionate about using buses, and when I returned to Istanbul, my first job was to get an E class driver's license. Until now, I have also used shuttle buses and tour buses of various tourism companies. Last; Within the body of Otobüş AŞ Kadıköy-I worked as a public bus driver on the Atasehir-Umraniye line. Our career crowned with HAVAİST, our new position. I would also like to thank the IMM officials for their sensitivity without discriminating between women and men. Passengers are surprised when they see a female driver at first, but then they are greeted with a smile. People's reaction is very nice. I am very pleased to work at the largest airport in the world and to serve our citizens. ”

Saying that she realized her childhood dream as a bus driver, Sevda Uzun said, “I have been a bus driver for 19 years. I have been a shuttle driver and a private driver before. Within the scope of Bus Inc., Sarıyer-Beşiktaş-Kabataş I worked on the public bus line. As a child, my biggest dream was to use big vehicles like buses. I followed my dreams and succeeded. Now, I am proud to start working as HAVAIST driver at Istanbul Airport, the largest airport in the world. They say that being a female driver in traffic is a disadvantage. I disagree very much with this. Yes, sometimes we have problems, but people are more kind and respectful when they see women in the driver's seat. ”


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