Van's Women Bus Drivers Give Trust

Vanin Gives Women Bus Buses
Vanin Gives Women Bus Buses

📩 08/03/2019 11:57

Women who work as drivers of buses of Van Metropolitan Municipality were also in charge of the 8 March International Women's Day.

The 5 woman driver who has been serving 3 years in city buses connected to the Directorate of Transportation of Metropolitan Municipality, fulfills its duties in the best way. In the morning, the driver of the Metropolitan Municipality came to the bus station and followed the watches with the other driver. Women who provide transportation to many points of the city, the passengers also take full marks.

Serap Ulfer, one of the 3 women's drivers of the Metropolitan Municipality, who expressed their appreciation for their profession, said that they rarely experienced difficulties in traffic.

Ulfer, '' 2015 in the service we have been continuing since our passengers are used to seeing women drivers. As time went by, we began to receive more beautiful reactions. The fact that there are other women who want to do the job also makes us happy as the pioneer of this work. Our passengers had a timidity at first. 'How does the woman use the bus?' they were being told. But as time went by, these negative reactions left their place to trust. The reactions are now much more positive. We want to show that we can do a job not only for men but also for women. Someone had to be a pioneer. In the case of a female driver, the Van will continue and it will be even better. I think the number will increase. Because the demands are also in this direction. With this occasion, all women also celebrate International Women's Day 8 March, '' he said.

Citizens expressed their satisfaction with the application of female drivers stressed that they are full.

Ahmet Ebiri, who travels in the bus line of the Silk Road district of Bostaniçi, stated that women are using more rigorous cars. In our region, most men do this job. Women drivers need to be more widespread. Kadın

Another passenger Vahdet Şenol said that the female drivers were no different from the men and said, Ş Women are equal to men. If it passes the necessary courses, nothing happens. We see women pilots. They're using airplanes. Why shouldn't they use a bus in our women? Congratulations '' found.

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