Gesture to Women Drivers by President Sözlü


Turkey's top ten female drivers who employ Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Huseyin Oral, Bus Operations in the pre-maiden voyage of the female driver by visiting them celebrated the Women's Day, Anatolia station from the subway to the Raiders in cruising to stop and was presented carnations to women in stop


Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality and President of the Alliance Hüseyin Sözlü didn't break the tradition in 8 March International Women's Day and this year, as every year, the female drivers who work as bus driver in Adana Metropolitan Municipality Bus Operations Directorate firstly celebrated International Women's Day.


The projects were put into practice, the future of the city with the practices of their fellow citizens, kindness, sincerity and smiling face of the hearts of the friends of the chairman of the President of the next stop was the Metro Anadolu Station. Presenting the carnations to the women working at Anadolu Durağı President Sözlü, subway and ride to the subway in the subway and female citizens in the subway gave a carnation.


Expressing that women can complete the development of emerging societies together with the President Sözlü, fed We know the difficulties experienced by our hardworking and devoted women bus drivers. We're aware of their sacrifice. I believe that as the number of women in the digital sense increases, the society we live in will be more livable and prosperous. Içerisinde 8 celebrated March International Women's Day.

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