Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations Times and Routes

Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations Times and Routes
Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations Times and Routes

Yenikapı Hacıosman Metro Line Stations and Route: The first phase of the line between Yenikapı and Hacıosman, whose construction started in 1992, was put into service on 16 September 2000. Daily, average 320.000 passengers are served on the line, transfer from the Industrial Quarter Station to Seyrantepe Shuttle Operations.

Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Timetable

The line, which has 320.000 (Average) passenger potential on the route on which it was built, is the number of daily flights, Yenikapı-Haciosman in one direction 225 Total Number of Flights 790. 16 station The Yenikapı Hacıosman Metro Line service times are as follows:

Between 06.15 and 00.00

service time is approximately 31 minutes (One way) Yenikapi Hacıosman between the frequency of the trip 5 (Peak Hours) minutes, Taksim - Haciosman Between 2,5 (Peak Hours) minutes, Sanayi Quarter - Seyrantepe Shuttle Time 9 (Peak Hours) minutes.

Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations

Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations
Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations
  1. Yenikapı
  2. Vezneciler
  3. Estuary
  4. Şişhane
  5. Partition
  6. Mr. Osman
  7. Sisli Mecidiyeköy
  8. Gayrettepe
  9. Levente
  10. xnumx.levent
  11. Industrial District
  12. seyrantepe
  13. ITU-Ayazaga
  14. Atatürk Auto Industry
  15. Darüşşafaka
  16. Hacıosman

Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations

Halic Station is located on the Golden Horn Metro Bridge. All other stations are constructed as tunnel / underground stations. 4 is built with 10 side peron - 3 road - 2 middle peron, Industrial Quarter Station - 3 road in the system, with the middle peron and 3 pcs side platform on the pieces.

The scenarios were prepared against all kinds of negative situations that may occur in the enterprise and simulations about these scenarios were prepared and solution plans were prepared. With cameras located in all areas of the stations, the system is constantly monitored and controlled. In addition, uniformed security guards provide control.

The system is equipped with the latest technology fire detectors and fire extinguishing systems. All the equipment used in the construction of the system is selected from materials that are resistant to high temperatures and emit toxic gases. In order to ensure safe evacuation of passengers in the event of a fire, there is a smoke control and evacuation system that has been tested according to all scenarios.

The signaling, scissor and vehicle system of the line is fully automatic and can be operated manually if needed.

The energy supply of the system is made from two different points. If both supply points are disabled, the 15 generators will be activated within seconds and all trains within the tunnel will be able to evacuate their passengers by reaching the nearest station. In case the power supplies are interrupted and the generators fail and fail; lighting and electronic control systems can be powered by uninterruptible power supplies for 3 hours.

Yenikapı Hacıosman Subway Business Information

  • Line Length: 23,49 Km.
  • Number of Stations: 16
  • Number of Wagons: 180
  • Duration: 32 Min. in one direction
  • Operating Hours: 06.15 - 00.00
  • Number of passengers per day: 320.000 Passenger
  • Number of Daily Flights: 225 Expedition / One Way
  • Expedition Frequency: Between Yenikapı and Hacıosman 5 Dk. (Peak Hour)
  • Flight Time: Between Taksim and Hacıosman 2,5 Dk. (Peak Hour)
  • Expedition Frequency: Industrial District - Seyrantepe Shuttle Seat 9 Dk. (Peak Hour)
  • Total Number of Flights: 790

Yenikapi Haciosman Metro Stations

  • At Yenikapı Station, M1A Atatürk Airport, M1B Kirazlı Metro Line and Marmaray operation, Vezneciler - Istanbul University Station, T1 Bağcılar Kabataş Tram Line, Şişhane Station, T2 Istiklal Street Tram Line and F2 Karaköy - Beyoğlu Historical Tunnel Line, Taksim Station, T2 Istiklal Street Tram Line and F1 Kabataş Funicular, at the Şişli - Mecidiyeköy and Gayrettepe stations, metrobus operation,
  • At Levent Station, you can transfer to the M6 Metro Line at the Industrial District Station (switching to a separate platform area without changing the system) to the Seyrantepe Shuttle Facility.

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