Transportation to Seka State Hospital is Now Very Comfortable

seca state hospital transportation is now very comfortable
seca state hospital transportation is now very comfortable

İzmit Seka State Hospital is one of the most important centers of health in our city with its Yenidoğan Campus and Walking Street Polyclinic.

Seka State Hospital Yenidoğan Campus Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality After the work of Akçaray transportation is very easy. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality 2. Within the scope of the stage works, work has been completed on the route between Akçaray tram line and Sekapark-Plajyolu. The first phase of the 2.2 km long tram extension line, starting from the Science Center and extending to the beach, was held at the İzmit Seka State Hospital-Science Center Station. The patients will provide services to ease the transportation to İzmit Seka State Hospital with the Akçaray tram line starting from the bus station.

Speaking about the subject, Izmit Seka State Hospital Chief Op. Dr. Sadullah Kıvanç Tunç said, “After the Akçaray studies linking our hospital with the city center, the transportation of patients to the hospital will be easier thanks to the Hospital Stop. We would like to thank Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for taking part in the realization of this project. Akçaray expressed his satisfaction by saying that our patients can reach the hospital in the fastest and most trouble-free way with tram service and have their treatment done. ”the özgürkocael)

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