Halkali-Kapikule Railway line will form an important part of the network connecting Europe to Asia

an important part of the network that connects the ring capikule railway europe asia
an important part of the network that connects the ring capikule railway europe asia

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, "Turkey and the European Union (EU) in the establishment of a functioning transport system is in the interest of both parties quickly and safely. Today, we have discussed very important issues in order to take our cooperation further. ” said.

Upon the invitation of Bulc they held a meeting with Turkey to enhance cooperation in the field of transport between the EU transfer Turhan, stressed that Turkey's continued commitment to EU membership bid.

Turhan stated that they attach great importance to the development of technical cooperation with the EU in the transportation sector and said, “The EU is our most important trade partner. The establishment of a functioning transportation system quickly and securely between Turkey and the EU is in the interest of both parties. Today, we have discussed very important issues in order to take our cooperation further. ” he spoke.

Reminding that “High Level Dialogue Meeting” was held in Brussels on January 15, Turhan said, “We attach great importance to this mechanism in terms of continuing dialogue between us and improving our cooperation. We want the dialogue process to continue with concrete results. The main topics of our agenda today were the topics discussed in these dialogue meetings. ” used the expression.

Halkalı-Kapıkule Demirolu Line

Turhan at the meeting HalkalıPointing out that the Kapikule Railway Line project was discussed, “The construction of this line is the most important infrastructure project of the coming period within the scope of our financial cooperation with the EU. The project will be an important part of the high standard rail network connecting Europe to Asia. We talked with the Commissioner about the steps we need to take to put this project into practice as soon as possible. ” found the assessment.

In the period ahead of Turkey-EU financial cooperation in the transport sector by Turhan describing which areas they would consult the realization of projects, Halkalı He stated that they can cooperate in projects aimed at strengthening the connections of Kapıkule Railway Line with the national transportation network.

Turhan, the scope of financial cooperation to a high standard in all of the support requests in Europe serving the Turkish shipbuilding industry they also transmit to the EU, Turkey's Trans-European issues will strengthen its position in the transport network told us that they discussed.

Air Transport Agreement negotiations

Turkey-EU Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement Turhan striking that they also discussed the negotiations, "about for more than 2 years ongoing negotiations successfully in the aviation sector with the conclusion we will have very advanced cooperation plant. Significant economic opportunities will emerge for both sides. ” he spoke.

Turhan, Turkey's European Aviation Safety that they are in consensus on the development of relations with the Agency, Turkey will contribute to the improvement of road safety work with the EU and stressed that they discussed views.

At the meeting, Turhan said they also discussed cooperative intelligent transport systems will improve road safety, "Turkey is doing important work in this area. We welcome the EU's invitation to the platform of our country to increase our cooperation in this field. ” said.

Turhan stated that he had the opportunity to meet with Karmenu Vella, EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, and to exchange views on the sustainable development of the maritime economy in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Minister Turhan, the development of cooperation in the transport sector would add significant momentum to Turkey-EU relations, he added.

“Positive agenda”

Bulc, Member of the EU Commission Responsible for Transportation, stated that many topics were discussed at the meetings and they were constructive for both parties, "We have confirmed our positive agenda." said.

Halkalı Kapıkule Railway Line project between Turkey and the EU explaining that it has serious importance Bulc "Halkalı The Kapıkule Railway Line is not only a technical project but also a political message. I hope 28 will be at the High Level Economic Dialogue meeting in February Halkalı The bilateral project agreement of Kapıkule Railway is signed. ” said.

Bulc, pointing out that they consider a comprehensive air transport of the wider work of the technical team said that Turkey-EU Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement is of great importance.

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