Free Transfer Protocol Signed in Transportation in Kocaeli

free transfer protocol signed
free transfer protocol signed

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the free transfer protocol with the Alikahya Cooperative, SS 55, to ensure that citizens reach their destinations in a short time and to reduce the traffic in the city. With the protocol signed in Metropolitan Municipality Service Building, all Alikahya lines will give free transfer to Akçaray Tram lines. Kocaeli Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, General Secretary Ilhan Bayram, President of Kocaeli Minibus and Busman Room President Mustafa Kurt, SS 55 Alikahya Cooperative President Selim Canlı and drivers attended the ceremony.

Speaking before the protocol signing ceremony, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu said, “As the purchasing power of our people increases, so does the number of our vehicles. It is the duty of local governments to ensure the safest and most economical transportation of citizens from one place to another. I care about this free transfer protocol that we have thrown without making our citizens and tradesmen suffer. I believe that this protocol we signed with our Alikahya Cooperative will set an example for other cooperatives. We do not do any of our work by dictation, here either"kazan kazan'' we will do." Said.

President Karaosmanoğlu continued his words as follows; “With this agreement, our passengers coming from Alikahya get off at our tram station and the vehicles do not cross the city. It reduces possible risks and saves the use of the vehicle, as well as fuel and time. In this way, we will reduce the density of vehicles in the city. I believe that this protocol we have realized in Alikahya will set an example for our other cooperatives and will make our city even more comfortable in terms of traffic. We have made a project that will relieve our citizens economically. our tradesmen kazan"This is our only request, so that there is no decrease or even increase in the amount of money, but that our citizens can go to their homes with safe, economical and comfortable transportation," he said.

Mustafa Kurt, President of Kocaeli Chamber of Minibuses and Bus Drivers, wished that the protocol would be beneficial especially for our citizens living in Alikahya and Kocaeli and expressed that it is very important in today's conditions to encourage public transportation. Kurt, this protocol is very important to the city. kazanHe stated that he will provide initiatives and set an example for Kocaeli. The President of the Alikahya Cooperative No. 55 SS Selim Yaşam stated that 60 thousand citizens in Alikahya are very happy with this agreement and the shopkeepers are also experiencing this happiness. Protocols were signed after the speeches.

Metropolitan Municipality, Alikahya region due to the increasing conjunctural developments, serving public transport lines in the region; completed the work to revise all the neighborhoods and organizations. Alikahya Cooperative with the SS 55 Cooperative, which implements the free transfer protocol, the Metropolitan Municipality will provide access to citizens at the next stop from the Western Terminal, which is the last stop of the Alikahya Cooperative vehicles. In addition, the East Barracks Park and the modern covered scattering area, which is operated there, will be available free of charge to citizens at no additional cost.

With the signed protocol 26, 27, 28 and 29 lines will be free transfer from the Bus Station to Tram. With the protocol signed, you can make free transfer to many points such as İzmit Alikahya Maternity and Children Hospital, Kocaeli Stadium, Organized Industrial Zone, İZAYDAŞ and Tram. With the protocol, you will have free transfer from Alikahya region to Izmit center. Alikahya region from Izmit will also be provided by free transfer.

From the southern and eastern regions of Kocaeli (Karamürsel-Gölcük-Başiskele-Kartepe), the citizens of all walks using the public transportation vehicles that make the last stop at the West Terminal (with the condition of being an Electronic Toll Collection System in Vehicles) can use the tram free of charge, can continue after. After the West Terminal, you will be able to reach the Seka State Hospital, the new Convention Center, the Schools District (Education Campus Area) and the Beach Road without paying any additional fee. As the routes of the tram are built, arrangements will be made to ensure a faster and more rapid transportation network and to ensure that citizens are transported at less cost.

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