TransportationPark 2018 was full

ulasimpark 2018i takes the hail
ulasimpark 2018i takes the hail

TransportationPark Inc., a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to grow in 2018. Transportation Park which provides public transportation services to the people of Kocaeli in 2018; Citizens' bus drivers and tram drivers were able to gain appreciation and respect for their exemplary movements. TransportationPark continued its activities in 2018 in the field of education and subjected all driver personnel to various trainings. In this way, it was aimed to provide a more peaceful and comfortable travel for the citizens.

TransportationPark's take-over to the intercity bus terminal in Kocaeli, the thousands of passengers coming to travel to the bus in a comfortable, clean and peaceful environment by visiting guests won the satisfaction of the guests. ulaşımpark, '' EN 13816 '' taking the quality of the document in the transport sector in Turkey was the first institution of this document. The transportation park also has 1 years full of achievements on the road it has come out with its başar Customer Oriented Service-Oriented Service ı approach.

Ulaşımpark; Located in Gebze, the beach road and the gulf garage, 336 units provide public transportation services to citizens in all districts of Kocaeli with its environmentally friendly, handicapped accessible and air-conditioned buses. ulaşımpark drivers are needed because of a heroic act had been done by local need national press taking place all over Turkey appreciated the collection of başardı.xnumx year 1 million passengers home, business or wants to go somewhere delivered by drivers, made a total of 18 thousand 924 time. TransportationPark's natural gas buses, 251 1 million miles a year, making it become the transportation vehicle preferred by the people of Kocaeli.

1 2017 12 tram, which provides public transportation services to the people of Kocaeli with 2018 tram, 2 14 tram in December with the arrival of the 15 trolley upgraded the fleet. Akçaray, which serves on the existing tram line of 2019 km, will reach the total length of 2 km with 20 in 2018. The trams, which the people of Kocaeli were accustomed to in a short time, broke daily, monthly and yearly passenger transport records in 1. Akçaray 10 carried 32 million passengers a year. In total, the 2017 X-TRX 5764 2018 has launched 8074 in the 2017. In the 7.5 in 2018, the trams passing through the 5 began to cross in XNUMX min.

TransportationPark, 15 2017 May 2018 taken over the Intercity Bus Terminal in 2.5 350 million guests in the year was a guest. In total, 825 thousand 436 passengers traveled on these buses while XNUMX thousand bus was entering and leaving the terminal. The bus station, which has undergone many changes when it took over, was almost completely renovated. In the innovations made; masjid, taxi stand new design, interior ceilings, exterior view, direction signs, floor painting, stimulating labels and stickers etc. has achieved many innovations, such as collecting the appreciation of trades and citizens.

Making a great effort to keep customer satisfaction at the highest levels, the Transportation Park provided various trainings to its employees in many different subjects in 2018. 139 session, 5133 hour and 40 training in different subjects, especially the drivers and patrols, all the employees of Transportation Park, to get the drivers to work within a day after the 6 training program.

TransportationPark has succeeded in signing many important projects. One of them was the uz We learn the Public Transport Rules Öğren project. With this project, 1 21 13 250 students were trained in XNUMX schools. TransportationPark's other project was '' Driver Empathy Training ''. Empathy training; After the training of the drivers, they became a useful training which enabled them to empathize with the passengers they carry in their vehicles and any events they may have in the traffic during their travels.

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