A Thank You Visit to President Gürün, one of the Companies Carrying out Passenger Transportation in Muğla

Thanks to the President of the President of the Republic of Turkey
Thanks to the President of the President of the Republic of Turkey

Intercity Bus Terminal, which is completed in Mentese District, has started to provide service to the authorities of the company. Osman Gürün'e thanked to visit.

Muğla's central district of Menteşe 11 Million 186 Thousand 400 TL invested in the roof of the solar panels with the roof of the Hinge Intercity Bus Terminal, which produces the 80 of its own energy company officials who perform the company officials, the Mayor of Mugla Metropolitan Municipality. He visited Osman Gürün and thanked him for the new bus terminal. The new bus station has a useful, environmentally friendly, modern appearance and the company officials said that the problems experienced during the training period were exceeded in a short time. Solar panels also attracted the attention of the bus station with the citizens of the 80 percent of its energy producing company officials said it was gratifying example of Turkey voiced that a project in Las Vegas.

President Gürün; "An example to Turkey with a contemporary understanding of municipality projects we are implementing in Muğlamız."

Contemporary urbanism with examples of local governments in Turkey said they had implemented projects in Muğla Muğla Mayor Dr. Osman Gürün stated that one of the best examples of this is the Menteşe Intercity Bus Station, which produces the 80 of its energy from the sun. President Gürün; "Facilitating the lives of citizens in local government, increasing living standards, environmentally friendly, compatible with today's technology, bringing benefits to our city and we spend the most important examples of life projects in Muğlamız Turkey. One of the best examples of this is the Menteşe Intercity Bus Station and the roof of the solar panels. Turkey consumes time as the sun's energy with the energy gained from the roof above the average Muğlamız which produces the 80 percent. With its roof and architecture, we are happy to be pleased with our companies and most importantly our citizens from our new Hinge Intercity Bus Station, which relaxes the city traffic as a location. In Bodrum, we started the construction of our new bus terminal that will relax the city traffic and produce its own energy with its roof. Thank you very much for your visit to our intercity passengers. Muğlamız deserves the best service. Hizmet he said.

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