Minister Turhan Made Contacts in Bayburt

Turhan Bayburt made contacts
Turhan Bayburt made contacts

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said, “We have organized, developed and enhanced our cities. This will continue to be done in the geographical conditions of each city. ” said.

Bayburt Mayor Mete Memiş Turhan who visited his office, where his statement, municipal services that people have an important place in urban service life, said the AK municipality, said that complacency municipality of stay their heritage Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's President Recep.

Urbanization in Turkey in the sense of a revolution, change, transformation experienced Turhan pointed out that, "Our city grew, flourished. In this sense, the expectations of our people from city life have, of course, changed according to the needs of the day and the age. These services reached our people in every area and everywhere. Infrastructure works, water, communication, energy, communication, natural gas, all these studies have reached every corner of our country and have come to meet the needs of our people. We will not stay with these, of course, needs are changing, increasing, improving, quality of life, standard of living are constantly increasing. As the economic income level of our people rises, of course they reflect it on their lives. ” made the evaluation.

Not only in terms of technical infrastructure, but also in the fields of education, culture and health, many services were carried out, Turhan said.

“We organized, developed, and beautified our cities. This will continue to be done in the geographical conditions where each city is located. As the central government, we offer large projects, large infrastructure, transportation projects, education, health, culture, tourism investments, and support for agriculture to our citizens. After that, these services will continue increasingly. ”

“Transportation infrastructure is very important in the development of tourism in the region”

Turhan explained that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has important projects in Bayburt and that the transit routes of Bayburt are located on the route through which the historical İpekyols pass.

Stating that the work continues on the roads connecting Bayburt to Gümüşhane, Erzurum and Erzincan, Turhan said, “We also have works that connect the beach to the ports of the Black Sea. We also have new projects. I hope these will be done and put into service one by one in the coming period. ” said.

Turhan stated that it is very easy to go to and from the Bayburt with Salmankaş Tunnel, and it is also very easy for people on the beach to come to Bayburt.

In the development of tourism in the region, the transportation infrastructure plays a very important role in transferring Turhan, Bayburt-Trabzon between the tunnel through the tunnel reminded that the time was reduced to 1,5.

Turhan stated that the roads passing through Bayburt provide important services in terms of transportation of Black Sea ports to the countries in Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia, and that they are working to improve and develop these roads.

Emphasizing that they are trying to implement tunnel projects to make more comfortable, shorter, more economical trips in places with inclined, narrow passages to raise the standards even more, Turhan said, “Studies continue in Vauk Mountain Tunnel and Kop Mountain Tunnel. When these are completed, they will be closer to Erzurum, Gümüşhane, Trabzon, Bayburt. Salmankaş Tunnel was opened, but we are working on its approach ways, and when they are completed, it will be 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the beach from here. ” he spoke.

Minister Turhan, Karaçam project gave the following information:

“Perhaps the longest tunnel for Bayburt after Zigana… It is not difficult for our country to do such projects anymore. We are able to do these projects in technical and economic terms and put them into service, so long as our people do not touch the stone, let's live in this country in unity and solidarity. Let's not come to the games of those who want to break our unity and solidarity. The social environment that we all want to provide together requires this. When we treat each other with respect, love, loyalty, sincerity and patience and patience, there is no problem that we cannot overcome. As long as we are in unity and solidarity, this country will be the leading country in this geography. ”

After completing his speech, Turhan also visited Governor Ali Haza Pehlivan in his office.

Pehlivan also presented various gifts to Turhan, who signed the honor book of the governorship.

In the area where the Vauk Mountain Tunnel construction site is located, sohbet eden Turhan took a souvenir photo

Minister Turhan distributed roses to the artisans he visited on Cumhuriyet Street as part of his program.

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