Is There a Price Increase in the Eurasia Tunnel?

Is there a price increase in Eurasia tunel
Is there a price increase in Eurasia tunel

There is no increase in the toll tolls of the Eurasian Tunnel which breathes the city traffic by connecting two sides of Istanbul to the tube passage through the sea.

2018 TL for cars in 23,30 and 34,90 TL for minibuses are still in transit.

The tab new wage table ven, which has been on the website of the Eurasia Tunnel for a short time, was placed on the site and it was removed in a short time.

Passage payments made from the Eurasia Tunnel are made from the OGS or HGS account, which is currently used. Tolls are paid with the help of the free-flow system with state-of-the-art design and there is no option to pay cash or credit card at the counter in order to ensure uninterrupted travel to the users.



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