FSM Locked! Density at Metrobus Stops Turned to Nightmare

fsm locked metrobus has turned into a nightmare
fsm locked metrobus has turned into a nightmare

The study, initiated by the Ministry of Transport at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and expected to take 52 days in total, paralyzed Istanbul traffic. The ordeal doubled as the IMM switched to summer tariff in public transport. Citizens who escaped from the highways leaving their cars caught the density of the metrobus this time.

According to statistics, citizens spend the 3 hour of the day in traffic in Istanbul, which is the fourth city with the highest traffic density among European cities. 3, the measures taken in the mega-city, where the traffic is inextricable every day. In spite of new routes such as bridges, Eurasia Tunnel and new public transportation lines, there is no solution. When these roads are added to the closed roads, the ordeal turns into a nightmare. Finally, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge because of the maintenance work of the fall of the 2 lane, the citizen was harassed.

After the closure of the 4 strip due to asphalt renovation works at Fatih Sultan Mehmet (FSM) Bridge, traffic density continues. Due to asphalt renovation work on the bridge last night, the 4 strip was closed to traffic. At the first stage of the works, the existing asphalt on the bridge is being excavated by the teams. FSM Bridge asphalt renewal work started yesterday, continues to affect traffic negatively. Due to the studies carried out in the direction of transition from the European Side to the Anatolian Side, the traffic was given in the opposite direction, in two lanes, causing density.

According to the traffic density map of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the density in the city was measured as 08.30 percent 42. (SPOKESMAN)

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