In Florya, Head-to-Head Collision Trains?


Last week in Istanbul Sirkeci-Halkalı During the test drive in the suburban line, two rail vehicles were confronted with a head-on collision.

CHP Istanbul deputy Ali Sugar said in a statement about the question,, Ankara Marşandiz accident after the accident in Istanbul Florya, the signalization system is understood to be done. In this age, what is the product of reason to communicate with the radio instead of signaling? When Cengiz is in construction, doesn't need signaling? In this age, there is a head-on collision between the trains in the transportation of railway? Bu


2007 which is said to be completed in 48 months after 11 has been put on two tenders, which is said to be finished in two months.Halkalı construction of suburban lines, saying that a full snake story that the sugar, the state has suffered damage due to delays, the transportation of suburban lines for millions of Istanbullun living for years, said the victims lived.


The second stage of the Marmaray project is the 43,4-kilometer Haydarpaşa-Gebze and the 19,6-kilometer Sirkeci-Halkalı Saying that the first tender of the total 64 kilometer line was made under the name of CR1, Şeker said, hatt 863 had bought a consortium of AMD with 373 a thousand euros. He started off at 2007, left it at the 2010 and went off to arbitrate. For the same job, a tender by the name of CR3 was made. In response to the 1 billion 346 million 326 thousand euros bid of the partnership in which Cengiz İnşaat was built, the Spanish OHL Dimetronic partnership won the tender with an amount of 1 billion 42 million euros. The same job was given to more than 179 million euros. Why is that? Is there a difference between tenders? Did the size change? Since we cannot see the contracts, we do not know the reasons for this and we ask the Minister. Söz

Sugar OHL Dimetronic tender won by the company "How was an unknown method" from Turkey galleon, stating that walked by Kolin and Cengiz partnership firms "in the parliamentary question that I gave in October of 2015 on the subject area 'contractor allegedly domestic partners imposed for the continuation of the project is right ? ' my question was left unanswered. In the construction of the Istanbul Metro initiated by Nurettin Sözen, Siemens, who won the tender of the signaling tender, was imposed as a local partner after Tayyip Erdogan became the IMM president; therefore, the opening of the Istanbul subway was delayed by one year. ”

Saying that the cost of the CR3 line, which has turned into an enigma, is uncertain. Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said, "The cost of our project is approximately 21 billion 2018 million 1 thousand 394 euros. "In the project, 460 million 173 thousand 843 Euros have been paid to the contractor company," he said.


UM Why is the 3 1 billion 42 billion 1 billion 394 billion 460 billion? 350 million euros more than what is the reason for the payment, hem he asked the CHP Sugar, the project's actual cost and the payments made to date should be shared with the public in a transparent manner, stating that gerçek the disruptions experienced in this project both Istanbulites and TCDD was hurt. The Ministry should explain to whom, how much they pay, who is responsible for the failure of the work. It is our duty to ask the account of every penny of our citizens' money Vat.


CHP sugar, the following questions asked the following questions:

1. In the 2006 1 million euros CR863 name, what is the true cost of 2011 3 billion euros tendered to work with the 1 CR42 name?

2. How much did the consortium of the AMD Consortium, which won the contract under the name of CR1 at 2006 and quit unilaterally in 2010 in 2014, to fulfill its commitments? What is the amount of progress made in exchange for these commitments? What is the amount of payment to the AMD Consortium? Why have the train wagons and locomotives to be used and which are still not used in the operation have been left to wear out years ago?

3. What are the differences between the CR1 tender and CR3 tenders in terms of line length and coverage? What is the difference between the CR1 contract and the CR3 179 million euro?

4. How much does the OHL Dimetronic company, which won the tender under the name of CR2011 in 3, fulfilled its commitments? What is the progress amount in return for the works? What is the payment amount to the OHL Dimetronic Consortium?

5. Is there any tender for a job that involves the CR2011 or CR3 project after another 3? If so, what is the scope of this tender? Which companies have quoted how much? Which firm has won the tender?

6. 21 September In 2018 dated Mail newspaper, the person quoted to you is et the cost of the job is 1.394.460.173 Euro. 843.368.670 is made in euros payment ”Are the descriptions correct?

7. 21 September The news in the newspaper 2018 dated is true; When was the tender for the project with the cost of 1.394.460.173 Euro? What is the scope of this project tender? Which firms have bid? Which firm won the tender? How much of the firm's commitments have been fulfilled? How much does this amount in return? How much was paid to him?

8. If the news in question is not real, is there a correction / refusal about the news?

9. 2011 Euro 304 1 (about 900 billion 1.346.326.300 million od) bid in the tender won 3 (Euro XNUMX million euros milyar) by bidding more (bid amount is XNUMX eurobond) Cengiz İnşaat CRXNUMX project which lost the tender was included in the method?


10 Did Cengiz Kolin Kalyon partnership win any kind of contract called CR1 and CR3, or the same business? Is Cengiz Kolin a partner of OHL Dimetronic, the winner of CR3 tender? Is Cengiz Kolin the subcontractor of OHL Dimetronic, the winner of the CR3 tender?

11 In the tender held in 2006, although the 48 month construction period is foreseen for the work to be started after the abandonment, can you explain why the work has not been completed and the line has not been opened after more than 12 years? Who or who is responsible for this delay? Is there any administrative or judicial process for the responsible?

12 What is the size of the damages on the Treasury, except for the ordeal that the project has been completed since 2006 as part of the Marmaray project? What is the income of TCDD? How is this transaction dealt with to compensate for loss of income?


13 12 January 2019 the history of the accident in the project 31 March 2019 local elections to complete prior to the realization of the pretext of subcontractors is right? What kind of studies have been started to investigate these claims?

14 2002 10 5 company, which has the highest share of state infrastructure tenders in the world, has been awarded to Cengiz, Kalyon, Kolin, Limak, MNG companies from XNUMX company ranking. What is the total cost of these projects to the Treasury?

15 Sirkeci-Halkalı the ongoing project route; the extension of Ispartakule-Bahçeşehir-Esenkent (Hoşdere) -Hadımköy stops in the region, where dense housing projects are made, millions of people are still living and in the future the growth and population density will increase even more; Do you think that millions of people will provide access to the city center by rail system and contribute to solve the traffic problem of Istanbul? (Habersol)

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