TCDD Transport Mechanic Worker Verbal Exam Results

tcdd transport machine mechanic
tcdd transport machine mechanic

The Republic of Turkey State Railways Freight Inc. A new announcement was published via the web address of the General Directorate and it was reported that the oral exam results were announced.

14.01.2019 History of the oral exam results are explained. To see the exam results Click here.

KazanCandidates will apply with the following documents between 28.01.2019-08.02.2019 and they will start work between the same dates.

1-1 Piece Trainer Level 4 Certificate of Professional Competence (11UY0035-4) Shot (Notarized or authenticated and approved by TCDD Transportation Corporation)

2- 1 Certificate of Diplomas or Temporary Graduation Certificate (Notarized or authenticated and approved by TCDD)

3-1 Custody Wallet Shot (Notarized or authenticated and approved by TCDD)

4- 1 Soldier's Certificate

5- Criminal Register with the TR ID Number (by the Public Prosecutor or by e-government code) to be taken from. Those who have a criminal record shall bring the court's decision regarding each record.)

6- 6 Pieces Photo

7- KPSS Result Document

8- Service chart that is subject to any social security institution for the implementation of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, if any.

Divrigi Warehouse Manager kazanThe candidate will submit documents to Sivas Vehicle Maintenance Service Directorate. (TCDD Sivas Vehicle Maintenance Service Manager Muhsin YAZICIOĞLU Cad. No: 1 Station SİVAS)

Marmaray Operations Directorate kazanCandidates will submit documents to Marmaray Operations Directorate. (Marmaray Management Directorate Hocapaşa Mah. Sirkeci İstasyon Cad. No: 2 Eminönü-Fatih / İSTANBUL)


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