Transportation Park hosts TÜRSİD

ulasimpark turside has hosted
ulasimpark turside has hosted

📩 13/11/2018 12:45

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality affiliates' TransportationPark Inc., All Rail Systems Operators Association 11. car commission meeting. 9 was attended by rail systems companies of different municipalities and consultations were made on the problems of the sector as well as the purchase of domestic vehicles.

TransportationPark is hosted by 11. vehicle commission meeting at Metro İstanbul A.Ş. , Burulaş, Antalya Transportation Inc. , Estram, Konya Metropolitan Municipality, İzmir Metro A.Ş. , Ego, GaziUlaş and Kayseri Transportation Inc. participation. 9 26 people from different provinces, in total 11 of All Rail System Operators Association. to participate in the vehicle commission meeting was hosted in our province.

6 TÜRSİD meeting held once a month was held this month on 8-9 November. Vehicle Commission meeting (trolley-metro), problems related to vehicles and solutions were discussed. At the meeting, while negotiations were held for domestic purchases, information was exchanged about the issue. Furthermore, it was decided that inter-municipal sub-committees would be formed and improvement and efficiency studies would be carried out.

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